We know everything about you.

Knowledge is power is the saying. What we know and what we do with our gained info is interesting what comes to having power, empowerment, who has power over us and living our lives without privacy. What we want to know, how we know and most importantly what we do not know impact our choices and thinking, not to speak of what we don’t want to know. To think you know everything there is to know about something or someone to make your conclusions and decisions is still flawed always. To trust blindly information given is also a foolish tactic, still it is the way many choose live, a world where things are told us with honesty is a utopia. Everybody has fabrications and illusion they either make up knowingly, or create unknowingly such things believing them to be true.

To have an opinion and think it is the absolute truth because it is your opinion or opinion of those whom you look up to.

Gossip is based on false ideas of superiority and freedom, more importantly it is about power which is used to put down and keep down, to silence and minimise. Ballooned egos standing on hollow ground repeating the same old patterns and practices, a place of glorifying yourself and those close to you, proof of corruption, ill and false ideas of self and what is good. Proof of sexism, misogyny and hate against anything that jeopardises position, market value and assumed cause of good. It is good to look like you are doing good without making an effort to actually change oppressive structures because they serve well those who like to play by the rules of the oppressors. To talk about progress when there really isn’t any is one fine example. To protect people who sexually harass and use their power position wrongly, or teacher having sex with a student, are again about the structure that does not want to be changed and told this is not pedagogically correct, too much is at stake. Also sadly many like to think that as long as you are not caught you can do whatever you want when there is opportunity.

When nobody acts upon sexism and corruption nothing truly changes. In art the same people keep having their gained power position usually a very long time. I do not see it a good thing what comes to making progress, equality and making meaningful of art.

How is gossip proof of corruption? It is degeneration, rotten rule and malicious ideas of how to have power and what to do with it, how people are handled and what they are for. People’s reactions tells a lot, lack of empathy, lack of compassion and thinking you can destroy someone just because you are given tools to do so.

What we hear is true? What are we seeing?

evil eye, curious eye, lazy eye, blind eye
You can look at the evidence and still not believe because of your bias and what you have heard from a reliable source? What we learn to believe true may also affect, who do we think is reliable and why do we think so. To think for yourself is much advised, always reconsider, always look for a second opinion, maybe even third.