That I went to the grocery store and bought balloons, milk and a mouse trap.

Conflicting interests does not mean there is necessary a conflict meant to happen. Life is a series of conflicts to which we have to be able to know how to react and deal with. What kinds of conflicts can we choose we will have? As it seems people are very good at making messes. Life=Conflict=Life=Life=Problem. How do you solve it?

Interests of one that are interests of that one person only may become obsession and a tunnel from which it is difficult to see other kinds of perspectives. Possessions and position to which that person is for some reason entitled to bring joy, wealth, responsibility and continuity, it feels there are things this person should rightfully have maybe because others have the same things or gender roles are such one is entitled or whatever the reason. There is a disadvantage and unequal situation since all do not get the same or more, people do not get to have anything they think they might want and need. What are things causing most conflicts in the World between people? Territorial infringement, an encroachment on a right, a person, a territory, or a property, bodily attacks, insults, misunderstanding of what is good and right to do because we tend to understand universally what is good very differently. One major misunderstanding is that other nations and the other gender/genders are not seen as equal, as respected human beings because the only reality for many is the one they are living in. For many people world of someone else is an alien world. It is impossible to  understand even if it was put into little pieces and fed to them, it is too strange.

I went to the grocery store and bought reality and experience of another person.