Strategy Tegystra tactics tic

Strategy Tegystra Tactics tic 
January 16th, 2013 

cat act tic tac itc cit tci tci tci where is it leading?
Choose your favorite syllable and repeat it in a tempo chosen as you wish.
Ok. I’m ready.
or..not at all. It goes on and on unfinished.
Say syllables out loud on a wasteland, in front of it, after having walked over it. Say
repeat constantly
while walking standing thinking them how to say them looking up to the sky shout out loud syllables how they go gaps in between, pauses, tactics
inventing teg ASTRA TRA TRA TRA
stra stra gyte change order of the letters.
What sense does it make? What new views it opens? To tear words apart. How do you feel when you repeat these syllables?