Which emotions are visible in public places? Should emotions show in built environment? Now it seems we avoid emotional contact with the place we live in.

Seeing the city as a corpus that has an emotional life, as a body that has emotional life. How that life is alive – what makes people attach to their environment, emotionally attached? How it becomes planning, emotions being built. How important stories are in the planning context and the process? City as a narration, as a process, not a product. Or is a city to exercise certain activities and to mind your own business? Smooth living, what is the main goal of an urban planner? Who is the planner exactly, is it the politician and the constructor in the end, since they seem to have the power and the money. Frustration, alienation and numbness being the main atmospheres to inhabit, emotionally safe areas without any risk of being confronted, opened. Are we products in well-produced cities, facades against facades, because if we erase emotion that is what we really have become.