Meaningfully vulgar, foul contingency
and open arms them to be cohesive, to bind us together, Juicy Lucy, should I believe her, taste her orange. Her disorder, her glory and glow, techniques of domination, open arms, tenderness and warmth. Standing powerlessly not moving an inch, only my eyelids do their reflex shutter movement on my lenses as I capture the moment to my archive of every moment in my life. The wet grass that I am standing on has given up on winter and black earth. Dividing practices come without forcing. There is something I cannot stand and it is a lie of affection. How much do we live in world of abstractions. Is all abstract? Sensing and reasoning to have sensed and reasoned. Certain amount of rage which follows, burns, boils over and torments. Deflower the girl. Deflowering earth. Deflowering her. Considered ruined. Difference is experienced. Deflowering truth.

Radicalism is fiercely emotional and intellectual effort to comprehend life, or after having comprehended life radicalism happens, after enlightenment. Body and mind of profound understanding and making life, not taking it.

To get radical, my call for global revolution and Foucault’s puzzling request for abstention from getting globally radical are a clash of times and heads. (I would like to clash with Foucault.) Foucault’s philosophy comes from altogether different time that we live now, but it is intriguing to think through how radicalism should be executed, because I personally think it is something we must be and do. Radicalism is global already with help of internet and other devises which make spreading information and activism happen quickly and efficiently. To be radical does not mean physical and mental violence self-evidently. It means putting oneself in service of mankind. To give my all to a cause. It is a sacrifice and a gift and it is not a dead-end or suicide though it have felt like so. It is not to lose life but find it and find myself on that path. By sacrificing one part of me, I possibly find something new in return, a new me. Radicalism is a new beginning and it is living as full as one can in a wise and unwise way. To experiment is not always wise but it can be necessary. It does not mean there would not be mistakes.  There has to be errors, learning, giving up something and never giving up, pain and emotions one cannot endure.

Foucault writes in his text What is Enlightenment about dangers of radicalism. He writes: all projects that claim to be global and radical must be turned away from. Foucault Reader, Paul Rabinow, 1984. This strange sentence caught my eye and I understand it springs out from deeds of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Cold War, atom bombs, the time after World War 2, Vietnam War, horrors in Kampuchea and Pol Pot et cetera et cetera. It is a terrible list of hellish terrors within short period in human history. I also come from images of that list. Those atrocities that happened are also history of mine as they are in my mind. Foucault continues thinking about concept of Humanism and usage of the idea in many contexts which have been as broad as Humanism is, vast, complicated and wide. National Socialists called themselves Humanists as well as Stalinists. Humanism is a set of themes and too diverse to be set to serve one ideology,to serve ideas of one belief system. But Humanism must not be rejected because it has been used to glorify needs to rule humans, to put them, us in a tight tether. Humanism, which sounds good, is good, embracing and smiling used by political and religious ideologies to make narrow perspective to humanity reigning social system is of course against the idea of Humanism. Idea of Humanism is an ideal, Humanism is for one philosophical and empathetic way to do good, pass good, put decent, good and desirable deeds and thoughts into the world. It is also a utopia of a perfect being and part of Humanism is evidently the ill people do which must nor should be denied nor forgotten personally nor generally. Therefore to say someone is a Humanist and mean only the good of it, taking only the good of being human, to hold human good on idea level like a possession is odd. To have Humanism as a concept in use for one’s own good is hypocritical, selfish and denying the facts of our nature. It has similarities with an idea of polishing the silver and gazing at one’s reflection on that bright surface.

ReificationQ Xhyperreality

Oh there is so much I don’t know. Tame landscape making all places alike.
Infinitude and a day
speculations on eternity and nothing
a frozen girl at one corner of a busy street. There is never enough one can do.

My heart was as if someone was pounding the front door. I checked.
There was no one there but a bloody dog.

Since it is not a perfect world of man, we equal as people with our flaws, we fight because of them, because we do not tolerate imperfection and difference but seek similarity with weaknesses we have maybe ourselves and we learn to abuse weaknesses of others. Us in groups with flaws to match.

What are the human flaws we either tolerate or not? It is interesting because inadequacy is to what we pay attention and expect to face. It is strange the search of negative features which we go through daily, imperfections of ours and others. It is like we base our lives on mistakes, which we loath, which must not be there but they are and then what? Also worth seeing through is which characteristics are weak and which strong, what is strength. Is it something moving? Is it learned and emphasized, encouraged. To me it seems it is again a case of thinking you know and imagining, continuing tradition of division.

Poverty is wasting human resources.

How does powerlessness manifest itself in everyday life and how does it become to show. To some extent and in some situations riots do have their place in making social change. They make dramatic visual material for the News and for social media. For some riots are fun, but firstly they are desperate situations where alternatives to act otherwise are few. Cases when obedience seizes to function we must disobey. To understand birth mechanisms of rioting we have to understand situations of individuals, emotions and options which anger that trigger to set a full-scale violent action. Question is can revolution and drastic social change be achieved without violence?