Meaningfully vulgar, foul contingency
and open arms them to be cohesive, to bind us together, Juicy Lucy, should I believe her, taste her orange. Her disorder, her glory and glow, techniques of domination, open arms, tenderness and warmth. Standing powerlessly not moving an inch, only my eyelids do their reflex shutter movement on my lenses as I capture the moment to my archive of every moment in my life. The wet grass that I am standing on has given up on winter and black earth. Dividing practices come without forcing. There is something I cannot stand and it is a lie of affection. How much do we live in world of abstractions. Is all abstract? Sensing and reasoning to have sensed and reasoned. Certain amount of rage which follows, burns, boils over and torments. Deflower the girl. Deflowering earth. Deflowering her. Considered ruined. Difference is experienced. Deflowering truth.