Let’s talk more my bunny!

Let’s talk more my bunny!

March 6, 2013 

Hello! My name is Tanya. I am lonely Russian woman from Ulyanovsk. I hope you will interested in my letter or in my structure in agency. I have decided to write to you really liked to me. Some more about me…. I am 25, I have finished medical university in our city and now I work as the children’s doctor. My free time I spend on a hippodrome, as I 7 years am engaged in equestrian sport. I think more about my appearance will tell you my photos. If you want to learn more about me you may write me to Zvyereva68@yandex.ru Also if you want to ask me some questoins (if interested in me), please write me and I promise answer you and also I will send you more of my photos. Bye for now. 

I hope it’s letter will not without your reply. ?  


Some torture/Ladies like it sniff sniff

Ladies like it sniff sniff

Spreading scent of perfume odor sprinkled too much to feel someone passing foul smells of fat of loathing of leather of floating of an aftershave of milk of sleeping in a world of smells in your nose and the living stench. Fragrance that brings instant feeling of power on your face for you, habitus in your hands on your body and around you all day, while splashing odor you can hear screaming women and children, aroma of blood sweat tears spit piss leather nails and steel hitting bodies. You rule you kill you smell.

Would you like to poodle? What is that? Act like a baboon but look like a poodle or look like a poodle but act like a baboon.

Possible sadness of a dog


rough rough rough rough rough rough rough rough, it’s as if dog was barking for hours with no end, no change in tone, me thinking how long will it last and what does it want. Does it belong to anybody?
Rough rough rough disgust, boredom
disturbance and irritation to get used to, to feel no pain by it, to let the disturbing angst go by letting those little things not get you. Thinking the possible sadness of a dog.