In a culture of adoring boys and encouraging self-love girls are punished because of their gender, violence is expected and normal way of dealing with issues between genders and generations.

Why adore the other gender but not the other? Why disregard the fact there may be more to being a woman and a man than meets the eye, than what tradition says? Or that there are more genders than two and they are all valid, powerful, important and meaningful for the existence of mankind? The idea of shame and alleged notoriety of female sex which is there to tempt and distract is a burden and preventing progress, sex which has blame, fault and shame already at birth put on like a veil, put on the very idea of female has got something deeply wrong. Shame we must learn to know from the beginning, know it so we stay in the back hidden, not daring to speak out otherwise, not daring to do against to change that position of fear and servitude. How many women and girls have to be killed when a culture changes? Female who is always against is troubled, who needs to be shut, shut out, labelled and tormented as an example.

Her critique is whining and complaining. She is as if she was never satisfied with anything and it is her fault. Why can’t she be happy and smile. For people who do not see beyond themselves any kind of criticism is a nuisance.