Lesson nr 1. in love and life, Don’t treat a woman like a skateboard. You should know better since you are not ten, hopefully. As your love is passionate and true that you are willing to kill for it, this is tough info, but It (killing) does not make her come. Reputation is not more important, still hoping, Oh it is, that’s why the killing?? Naked and small artist like myself is really dangerous. I’m stunned. Fuck more.

Also revenging her your mistakes, is rather weird. Is that how you do when you fuck up; fuck up more. How intelligent.

Art is educational in many ways. Stay tuned with more lessons in art, love, feelings in general, behaviour, business and life by me, naturally. This is easy.

Hello my dear,

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i like it, let be friends, just contact me via
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Love and Kiss

Yes, I am so beautiful that I sometimes cannot tolerate myself. Life is..