Freedom to exercise and move is a basic human right.

How much moving do our bodies and minds need to be healthy? My phone tells me there are recommendations according to which to walk 6000 steps per day is a minimum which all should follow. It is not just my phone that tells me things, it is my body and my brain. They both are needy for sports every day. Without moving and sweating I begin to feel a low that is very uncomfortable and painful and I feel how not moving effects. To push one’s limits via sports is what also tells that one can push those bodily boundaries pretty far, even further. As I sit down most of the day I must walk and jog daily. My feet hurt because of this routine but I know it is a good hurt: I have used my muscles, my thinking benefits from this muscle pain, gush of blood. On that track which I go to whether it rains or not, heavy breathing against cold breeze forcing of myself to go faster and do more, running uphills as fast as I can. I do it even I feel tired, especially when I feel tired.
To think there are prohibitions for women to not use their bodies to exercise is quite horrible thinking the benefits of sports and feeling of freedom it brings, feeling of youthfulness and happiness. Body that is made a jail is also jail for the mind, which jailing of course serves those who like to rule those feminine bodies and sentiments as those bad things females possess ruin the society, ruin minds of men bringing chaos and destruction of virtues and order. When female body causes such dangerous effects on those who can be corrupted by devious and evil thoughts, which obviously and naturally are there, men corrupted by looking at women’s bodies, thought occurs how sensitive and naive are those men, how delicate and horny by nature poor creatures. Power of women is therefore pretty mighty. Those who are born males are not corrupted by their gender and sex and are given opportunities because they deserve the privileges. To deserve something is interesting here. They who are lifted above and shall not be taken down by women, this must be the logic, are holier. Women, less holy, those sub-beings who are corrupted and irrationally ill need the chains. It feels rather strange to be a woman. 

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