To think why society exists, state has citizens and society is for them

If art is seen as mechanical part of society with duty to fill, money to make with, interior to decorate, glory to have by there will be those who will oppose it, artists who will challenge such system of good and bad, winners and losers, rich and poor, laborers and profit makers. An artist as someone who has to make art to fit the system is selling cheap, to fill in requirements given to make art suitable there will be something left out, unseen and forgotten. Why people do art, why there is need for art, what kind of art do we want to make and to what kind of need does it answer, who defines what is art and who is the artist. These questions will be asked over and over again as there is a system that makes it compulsory to find the grande artist, value art as possession, as there is system that makes profit via art often without the artist. Sometimes it seems art is valued but artists are not as people who also need to be paid for their work. In capitalism we do not live to make charity, to make other people rich, give value to institutions, cities and countries.