Do you think it’s cold? Brrrrrrrr, or is it your wake-up call. I think I have been wide awake always, so…but you could be nicer to assholes. Yes one must be nice to assholes to survive. Fuck that.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sex. Sex is an important and beautiful part of life, humanity and it should be respected as part of us. I’m against sexual harassment, rape, sexism, homophobia, fascism. These issues bother me, really. I face such shit repeatedly, which is amazing. Like Ö. To be treated equal, like anyone, wow that’s a dream. What would true equality mean? I’m doubtful, not possible. Cheating and telling lies are not good ways to start anything. Grrrrr. Some husband. I was hoping for something better. sigh. (Like when did you get married?) Of course one can only blame oneself for ever having a computer. How weird. Imaginary husband, not a very good choice. I didn’t choose him. This is going even weirder. How about picking my brain? I think it’s romantic. What are you talking about? Is this some kind of mantra that you keep repeating to feel better? Yes!