He cracks her head for fun, for revenge, for superiority, for feeling privileged, for show off, for power, for feeling, for physicality, for existence, for multiple reasons that state his position and position of yours.

Head is a prize itself. You own a person when you hold her head, when you can manipulate her to think you do. To hold a head in the air from the hair, the crashed and taken head is something, a thing man can own and put to dirt in his feet. Something that is up is put down. Of course there is an ancient way of putting a head to a stick for everybody to look at, let the head be eaten by birds. The head is taken because it clearly does not have logical worthwhile content as the man does or head did think wrongly and said it. Something broke, something was revealed. You should have not said anything. It has nothing to offer to intelligent people who have declared themselves intelligent, are so in a group who prize themselves and therefore are righteous, entitled and true. Nothing should jeopardize this entitlement. They who know what intellect is have position of the entitled, legitimized, position of higher ground from where to look down on those who do not fill the requirements, who are officially, traditionally proven weak, inferior, female, dirty, smelling, speaking softly and wrong, are timid, quiet, staring, obviously do not do things as they are supposed to be done in controlled environment by people who control themselves and the environment. How things are supposed to be done is mostly unwritten and unspoken but it is official and ruling nevertheless. One just has to know it to be part of this cult of intellect which is white male superiority legitimized by technology and science. In the name of feminism some women can enter when they play by the rules of men because we wish to show solidarity and support equal rights at least and as long they do not disturb male privilege.

Her head,
it is her head, but it is made the head that signifies the whole of culture that thinks what woman’s head stands for. How woman’s head must be made to look like, what happens inside woman’s head, people almost know it by heart and instantly because head of a woman is a see-through object to be polished, made silent and obedient. the most loathed woman is a woman without hair. We cannot categorize her therefore she is threatening. It is her head but it is ours, as we know what she is thinking, nothing can’t change what we think. She wants money, that is what she is after, she wants to be loved and fucked preferably by multiple partners, she is so weak and horny. She is made to be looked at and wanted, but she cannot have anything else to want for herself. She is to be looked at, hit at and taken, left and taken by death because she is not needed anymore. She is used, she is stupid, she is less and she must not think she could be more.

Her head was cracked. It brought joy to the one who cracked her head. What good is a head that cannot think properly. Head that is devious and evil with thoughts of no value, that do nothing but irritate. Her head is cracked and left the way it is open and dead.