End of poetry is end of man. Use of power, power we have, force we do not have and how we claim it, tools in use.

What kind of power do we have and how we use it is always the very basic issue to discuss and question. Those who have a lot of power may not like being questioned and even less if their power is taken or lessened away from them. Power corrupts has proven to be true, power does weird things to people. It is intoxicating to see how one can move and mold other people and their lives. It gives a self-assurance that one is above for a good reason, is able and capable, potent and noteworthy to have a say over, to rule, to lead, to dictate. How powerful do we feel and what kind of people do we see as weaker than or more than is due to what kind of values we have, what kind of acts are accepted as usage of power in a good way. What is this good kind of power as power has a negative echo? Power of love versus power of lovelessness, power of music vs. power of absolute noise could be interesting oppositions to study and effects of those in people and their behavior, moreover what is accomplished by having power over people since some are those who lead and they have to know how to. What do we want by power is probably the most important issue to look into and how we feel powerful. It depends on so many ‘tiny’ details how the power of self builds up so that it is worth paying attention to individually and in a group. Domination, subjugation, segregation, division, bullying, how people are spoken to and how they respond, how we take our place within or are we left outside. Feeling of powerlessness is reason to be concerned because people should have feeling of having certain amount of power, understanding that one can do something to change oneself and situations in life and in society. When we lack this feeling and when a large amount of people have the same inadequacy and negative view to reality that nothing can be done to change things it is a serious matter of concern and deprivation of human value, human condition which should not be as such an oppressive nor oppressed state.
To feel powerful, empowered, is an essential existential human experience. It is like feeling good about yourself, listened to and appreciated. When we do not feel we have power over anything we become desperate, sad, angry, hateful, bitter, or better yet try and find a solution to change the situation. Best way to start is with yourself: what can you do and what do you want to learn to do. How do we come to understand power, find power within and calculate what kind of power we personally possess is valuable and is an interesting conduct of thought, a process and years long experience. Experience of having seen how power is used, what it does, how to get attention, make a reaction, make something wanted happen and repeat the desired act to get the same result or make a chain reaction. Power to heal, to help, to speak, to defend, power to manipulate, power to know and teach. When all action is in use of power of some kind how do we measure power of ours and decide weight of power used? We must have civil understanding of what is good and what is bad, wrong and right. What kind of results our use of personal power has had and what are the things to be corrected. If there are very little results or none at all despite our all constant efforts and push what can be said of power in use or forces one is up against? Are there more factors to be taken into consideration? We can be exhausted by having used our energy in doing something or having been pushed aside or violently handled by authorities or anybody. Power needs tools, force is created by multitude, decision and energy is something one person can have.

We use a lot of power even though we may think we do not. We also deliberately abuse power to become more powerful compared to others to have position, status of a powerful to become memorable and significant, meaningful, rich and noted members of society to live well. We often times don’t have to think about using power, having used power or having power in every day until we do not have it, until we are stepped over, silenced and exploited. When we are to be killed, vanished and doomed to non-existence. To have power begins organically out of making oneself, growing up bigger and learning what one can do, what one can think, think of doing and saying and then putting those ideas into action.

Power used over people especially women can go like this: She is stupid, she is crazy, she is arrogant, she is boring, she is weird, she is uninteresting, she is silent, she is distant, she is a jerk, she is religious, she is a believer, she is a nerd, she is an angel, she is kind, she is tacky, she a bad dresser, she is a bad artist, she is invisible, she is untalented, she is quite good, she is incompetent, she is ok, she is old, she is young, she is ugly, she looks wrong, she is a whore, she is unreliable, she is fun, she is tall, she is too short, she wears too much makeup, she dresses like a tart, she is unemployed, she is lazy, she is poor, she is greedy, she is jealous, she is bitter, she is a drunk, she is a drug addict, she is prude, she is rude, she is an exhibitionist, she is pervert

on and on the things given for her to be and she becomes a fabrication by people a person and a tragedy continued by people who hear this story about her and feel better than she is. When these adjectives and characteristics mold her within it is no wonder there is a rejection and an image that is almost impossible to alter because her word is not worthy and she has been seen drunk and badly dressed. It does not make any difference what she says or does when experts have spoken and witnessed her state. In expert society anybody can be an expert who is trained especially. Experts speak in a specific way and are well connected. They have power and they are believed in as they are legitimated by authorities, accomplishments, friends, places and institutions. Their word is trusted until it is proven wrong and expert loses face. Losing face is in expert circles the worst thing that can happen. 

You might also say that she is easy, she is uncomplicated, she is strange, she is vicious, she is bad mouthed, she is black-hearted, she is devious, she is malicious, she is cunning, she is dullSo you see it is not insignificant what you let out of your mouth and how you see other people. Yea there are experts you know.