Power within

It is an inevitable force within human and animal relations to look for order and through desired constructions and rules make structures to live by and evolve. Some kind of dictating of order is necessary, manners of interacting need to have commonly accepted patterns and ways of happening to be successful. Order and usage of power is a livelihood necessity which is either gained or lost based on situations, abilities, rivalries, politics making and favoring. It is often forgotten notion that everybody has power. Every act and word is individual power used and passed forward to make an impact, to make part of one’s own, play a part, be part, be active participant even though one may feel passive and not having a voice to be heard, one has to believe that power is there in every thing one does and we like to use it to benefit ourselves and people close to us. Which characteristics of ours make us leaders, persecutors, rulers, dictators, traitors, tyrants, obedient, unlawful, unfaithful, how we decide for ourselves and for others is a scheme of multiple issues and things to consider that play their role in anyone being powerful and to which extent. One part is to succeed in making decisions, to know what to do and executing ideas, dealing with the results and to move forward. To know where to go and what is to be done.