Nobody will destroy our culture? Can you say it in Finnish? I do hope it is true, I just don’t know exactly what it means as our culture is Western, it is also Scandinavian, European, Christianity-based and Finnish and I am writing this in English.

Finland has, as do other countries have, a diverse culture of its own, which is unique, and to protect our country, we are in the process of figuring out what must be protected and how. We are under constant threat is the atmosphere, independence being one, language and nature do get too easily ruined and lost. We have been losing some of our uniqueness in the process of consumerism and globalism having taken place and gaining power and we do not respect our knowhow and abilities as much as we should. Indifference is one factor, monoculture of media being one, all wanting the same success and material goods? It is a baffling process when work is being shifted abroad, goods flow here from abroad usually from China and it is expensive to produce anything in Finland. Imitation seems to be the easiest and quickest way to make money. That is the current culture we like. Question is how do we compete and what do we have to lose other than the things mentioned above? We can lose the welfare state, if we are not careful and cannot employ people in this country and pay taxes. Lose our culture meaning the Western culture as a whole by invasion of Muslims? It is not dystopia of the future but happening all the time. Many think we have freedom of religion, but Islam is not for freedom and does not respect our beliefs and customs. We are under threat as a society is on the news, it is clear and what to do is not that obvious, but have we caused it ourselves? What can be done about the current situation which is getting out of hand? What does destruction of a culture look like and how naivety is helping in this destruction? How our Western culture is being destroyed? We have helped those in need haven’t we? It should be enough for evidence of our goodness and will to do good.

We are pretty good at it ourselves, but maybe we do not recognise it, our culture crash from within. One or many culture crashes coming from outside, drama at the moment is dense and drama of the moment means Muslims immigrating at large numbers to countries where there is Christian majority population and customs and freedom. Freedom to criticise, speak, think, dress, work, study and live, freedom also to have faith without it bothering anyone and freedom to not have religion, which Muslims do not have. Muslim immigration which has become visible via crime and welfare costs is a big worry and topic of which the left is peculiarly quiet about. Rioting in Sweden Malmö is not new as Sweden has been generous by taking in people from all over who need help. Large antipathy movement in Finland against immigration especially from the Muslim countries has been strong several years and polarisation happens fast. Worry is acute and true since such riots have not been part of Scandinavian cultures before the large scale immigration during recent decades. Emerging unrest which arises when someone burns the Quran, so unexpectedly ( would not happen in the case of burning the Bible), so what should we be thinking about Muslims, the continuous immigration and refugee crisis, since it hits Scandinavia just the way sceptics and critics have been warning many years, unexpected and unfortunate?

Camps are clear. Muslims are defended largely and loudly by the left and opposition is the right, some like to say far-right, very roughly put. Are you telling me that Islam is on the left? Critique is obviously only offensive and harmful. This is the dichotomy, constant argument and very much the conversation online in social media. I myself am against the unstoppable flow of immigrants and refugees who burden the welfare system of our country without enriching or contributing to our country, but doing the opposite. Thanks to Sweden and its aid, immigrants are burning suburbs or was it Danish who burned the Quran? Muslims sure know how to react…It speaks volumes, as do unemployment rates and no-go-zones. Secular countries as Scandinavian ones strangely respect Islam very highly and criticising Islam is not so tolerated by the left camp, which is comical, one must laugh out loud. What is going on in the left? I do not know what to think about this lot, proletariat? Maybe minarets are what is wanted in Finnish suburbs too. Alarmingly English speaking employees, who do not speak Finnish, serve us in cafeterias and bars. It is not our official language and to my mind all are required to learn our language who live and work in Finland. I hope immigrants learn other things than riding a bike. Respect must be mutual. We work hard and I hope you do too. Burning cars is not helpful. It is a bad message and ungrateful as fuck.

Anyone ever wondered what kind of an influence one’s sex, origin and looks have in life in general and in the arts?

I claim they have more significance than anyone cares to admit. Vanity industries do pay attention to the surface much more than I and I am shocked when what I wear is paid more attention to than what kind of art I do or my looks tell what I am capable of (with which I like to play with). How much is it in the interests of the arts to keep stereotypes alive or whose interests are in question all in all, because they are not mine? One can wonder and it is truly weird one has to keep up appearance and act upon one’s appearance. I make this assumption, I should act according to my sex, sex and gender are always an issue, and appearance, because such is my strongest asset? What is the appearance of an artist today, a businessman who functions like a machine, is efficient and more importantly is male? Clichés are so much alive, I wonder the speed of progress. (What progress?) Things that instantly come to your mind when you see someone, what do they tell of you?

BTW, any modelling agency hire 45yrs old? That would be a career change, lol. Oh no, I should lose weight.

From Finland

Think about how gossiping makes you feel, powerful, right. You are observing someone’s life from above and laughing at it or having other kind of reactions. What kind of power that is to be able to know what goes on in other people’s lives and be able to discuss that? What does gossip do and what is the purpose? It has many purposes of which most aren’t positive. It is a power play of simple people who feel powerless without the possibility of being able to put someone down. This is of course a global phenomenon which one should be very careful about. It makes us careful who we trust if anyone. Gossip makes you look so intelligent, doesn’t it. Especially when you don’t

Gossip, word of mouth. It is to believe, that what is said, is passed forward in faith it will do harm and is somehow justified, a play of hierarchy. By saying the things you say you will cause something which may become a storm. It is used to destroy people or it is used to do something else. What other can gossip make than harm? Haters make nowadays social media phenomenons of those who are hated, there are few examples. This may turn out to be a good thing in the end as people understand at some point how useless and simple hating is as a strategy and how it tells more about those who hate and gossip than of those who are targeted. How something so hateful and negative can turn out to be a good thing? Gossip can be advertising as it travels in speed that positive things do not. There is an image of human nature there and what stands as interesting to us.

Fine art proves in so many ways how fascist its structures and practices of thought are, it keeps things  willingly as stagnant as possible. Such state is more lucrative, to keep things unchanged as to change anything takes a lot of hard work, and yes thinking. People obviously do not notice.

Walking genitalia, it’s a girl!

That we are our parts, especially our sexual organs via which we become sexualized, categorized, labeled adequate or not as it was a natural law and we like animals ready to mate any time, in heat. Sure I’m horny constantly looking for a mate and because I wear miniskirt I’m in for it anywhere anytime, because I am drunk I can be asked for a blowjob at a party in front of everybody (this is sarcasm, a joke, ahahahahah). We either can use that strange revolting reality for our benefit or can not because it is too much to take, too sickening, don’t want to because it may seem secondary to look sexy all the time, smile all the time no matter what. There is so much one can take and understand is fair. For some it is not the most important issue in life to fuck and be fucked. As it happens this desire is just thrown at one’s face, on one’s whole being that this is what you are for, this is what you want too, don’t you. Sexual organ is inside one’s head and it is not turned on by this. The OFF has become so strong that certain types make me nauseating.
When this hyper-sexualized reality of ours is overwhelmingly torturous, monotonous, attacking anywhere every day like it is something we should accept because it is not going away or changing and to get used to something which is abusive is wrong. To oppose it must be done so it hits the core. To use one’s sexuality and body is one way, very effective. What is it that we want to see again? In a manner method truly cuts the thought and anything someone was saying and doing bringing anger or other kinds of reactions. Reactions are very telling. To change reality as we know it is a huge task for the reason of massive overload and brainwash of one truth and the mass of true believers who think are right and are shown what they want. The thought that heteronormative society is absolutely the correct way to have and build society and make human relationships is a default. Strangely because it is the most violent. It is to see people through straight intercourse where women are waiting to be mated and taken, and if they are not there or willing it is something wrong with them, because smiling and making babies is what women must do to appeal and fulfill their meaning, and of course owning things is the same as owning people.
That there are strict codes and rules for people how to be actualized as humans, is violence against all people denying the human right of finding out one’s talents as oneself, denying opportunity and freedom. Now all over the world tendency is anything which is not in the book or is forbidden is out of the order, because it will ruin the whole of society which anywhere is carefully planned and constructed to be something in particular, whether it is to oppress or give opportunity. Who are oppressed and who are given opportunities is the question and other is why. To build society of opportunity for all is difficult to realize and maintain but is not impossible.
Why there are old books that know how people of today must organize their lives? Moral code varies but something repeats everywhere, how women and girls are seen, given chances, treated and what women are in society, what is their role. What people are allowed to do in their lives. That there are people who allow us to do things sounds so distant history, a permission granted, do I have to ask for it, a tragedy is that for example becoming an artist can be a shock to the family, girl wants to go to university because she likes learning and wants to use her talent and she is beaten for it. For a boy encouragement comes in different form than for a girl, though becoming an artist can be a shock whether one is boy or a girl in certain circles. Boys are forced to marry as well, boys are beaten for crying and being too feminine. What life can be and should be is set by moral authorities, ancient traditions, where men versus women dichotomy is always present, how sexes and genders are meant to actualize and exist, co-exist. When one has to struggle as a girl being fitted into something given outside and as a woman struggle still away from constant reality of her sex, sexualization, position, place, normalcy, not to speak of being an artist in such society where ridiculous old-fashioned values and points of views persist to incredible force.

There are those who will use sexuality of others for benefit whatever there is to benefit from sex, a lot obviously. Sexual sides of ours, how many sides are there and who is willing or allowed to explore those yearnings, what can be done to another person and why there is a ban on some things.


Finland is more fascist than we dare to admit.

Thing is many do not know what fascism is. It is something outside the good common people have and do, because it is the ultimate evil. How far right people’s opinions and deeds eventually are seems to be something people fail to acknowledge and define. People like to define others instead of themselves, themselves the self-evident good. You have already made yourselves? People like to say not me but that other, that who doesn’t do things like most must be doing something wrong because the most are not doing the same wrong, the most of us have the right and are right practicing a norm. Logic there is funny and often nonexistent. Who said the most of us doing something is the right thing, the most equal, good thing to do. What is the proof of good for us? Unhurt, discomfort, future prospects?

Normality defined by the most of us, by what is said and done, by traditions, customs and human sense. Show me where we are going, but do not change much, we cannot take it. Inability to change is clear and change is slow. Does it look like we know where we are going? How does it appear we are changing? To know what is fascist, what should we look for? Surveillance, exclusion, indifference, what kind of voices are heard, who gets to speak.

Scar which I repeat, because it is a deep cut and inescapable. The scar of the society which society repeats because it cannot do otherwise. It cannot or does not want to heal itself because it does not see itself sick:
To me fascism is an extreme and violent idea of purity and exclusion. Extreme idea and desire to stay the same what is defined as good to be. As a woman and an artist I have been placed in to marginal of impure. To look for scars, flaws, dirt of mine, spreading it all over (see her and place her behind) and suspicion over me not being as good as those already defined as good has been an everyday occurrence. It has been difficult to understand what is going on, but it is clear I do not belong to the accepted norm which begins over and over again from a moment of I don’t have to say anything but to appear/exist being enough to raise the alarm. Well I have become to like the situation and making the most out of my excellence. As it goes it takes the personal experience to launch major fight. Your good is not good enough.

Fascism has not left anywhere. Situation is scary when you fail to recognize it.

Is public good something that pleases most everybody? Is it about pleasing in the end, helping, accepting and to put human good will in action?
“Don Quixote is the first modern work of literature,” Foucault writes, “because in it we see the cruel reason of identities and differences makes endless sport of signs and similitudes; because in it language breaks off its old kinship with things and enters into that lonely sovereignty from which it will appear, in its separate state, only as literature.”