Walking genitalia, it’s a girl!

That we are our parts, especially our sexual organs via which we become sexualized, categorized, labeled adequate or not as it was a natural law and we like animals ready to mate any time, in heat. Sure I’m horny constantly looking for a mate and because I wear miniskirt I’m in for it anywhere anytime, because I am drunk I can be asked for a blowjob at a party in front of everybody (this is sarcasm, a joke, ahahahahah). We either can use that strange revolting reality for our benefit or can not because it is too much to take, too sickening, don’t want to because it may seem secondary to look sexy all the time, smile all the time no matter what. There is so much one can take and understand is fair. For some it is not the most important issue in life to fuck and be fucked. As it happens this desire is just thrown at one’s face, on one’s whole being that this is what you are for, this is what you want too, don’t you. Sexual organ is inside one’s head and it is not turned on by this. The OFF has become so strong that certain types make me nauseating.
When this hyper-sexualized reality of ours is overwhelmingly torturous, monotonous, attacking anywhere every day like it is something we should accept because it is not going away or changing and to get used to something which is abusive is wrong. To oppose it must be done so it hits the core. To use one’s sexuality and body is one way, very effective. What is it that we want to see again? In a manner method truly cuts the thought and anything someone was saying and doing bringing anger or other kinds of reactions. Reactions are very telling. To change reality as we know it is a huge task for the reason of massive overload and brainwash of one truth and the mass of true believers who think are right and are shown what they want. The thought that heteronormative society is absolutely the correct way to have and build society and make human relationships is a default. Strangely because it is the most violent. It is to see people through straight intercourse where women are waiting to be mated and taken, and if they are not there or willing it is something wrong with them, because smiling and making babies is what women must do to appeal and fulfill their meaning, and of course owning things is the same as owning people.
That there are strict codes and rules for people how to be actualized as humans, is violence against all people denying the human right of finding out one’s talents as oneself, denying opportunity and freedom. Now all over the world tendency is anything which is not in the book or is forbidden is out of the order, because it will ruin the whole of society which anywhere is carefully planned and constructed to be something in particular, whether it is to oppress or give opportunity. Who are oppressed and who are given opportunities is the question and other is why. To build society of opportunity for all is difficult to realize and maintain but is not impossible.
Why there are old books that know how people of today must organize their lives? Moral code varies but something repeats everywhere, how women and girls are seen, given chances, treated and what women are in society, what is their role. What people are allowed to do in their lives. That there are people who allow us to do things sounds so distant history, a permission granted, do I have to ask for it, a tragedy is that for example becoming an artist can be a shock to the family, girl wants to go to university because she likes learning and wants to use her talent and she is beaten for it. For a boy encouragement comes in different form than for a girl, though becoming an artist can be a shock whether one is boy or a girl in certain circles. Boys are forced to marry as well, boys are beaten for crying and being too feminine. What life can be and should be is set by moral authorities, ancient traditions, where men versus women dichotomy is always present, how sexes and genders are meant to actualize and exist, co-exist. When one has to struggle as a girl being fitted into something given outside and as a woman struggle still away from constant reality of her sex, sexualization, position, place, normalcy, not to speak of being an artist in such society where ridiculous old-fashioned values and points of views persist to incredible force.

There are those who will use sexuality of others for benefit whatever there is to benefit from sex, a lot obviously. Sexual sides of ours, how many sides are there and who is willing or allowed to explore those yearnings, what can be done to another person and why there is a ban on some things.