To wish to be average and normal is the worst kind of idiocy there is.

I have sometimes wished it because it has been so difficult to be me. It has been difficult to notice how above average is not hoped for, wanted, because it is seen as below the average, as something bad and wrong. To find excellent and to know it yourself, to be excellent is what one should work for always. Demand it for yourself. To know what is excellent and good one has to understand it and believe it. In search for excellence and unique people settle for what they get thinking that is the best there is for them or that other has the best and we should want the same or beat that other when one there is to beat is themselves. Logic is often lost and people wish to seek the comfort of a crowd to blend in, still and want what other people have. No wonder it is demanding to be an artist, a feminist and a dissident, all those things scare people because of the radical nature of those, of those labels, stigmas, ways to see life, forces of nature, because nature is scary and to be under control. It is scary when we don’t know it, when we don’t respect it and protect it and it is in us for us to find. It. The best you can be.

Personal confession, personal experience as a woman. Bias and suspicion, the most average shit there is.