Revolution, much needed.

In what kind of revolution do I believe in? Or do people in general have an idea of revolution that they possibly are participating? Me, personally, very much dislike salesmen talk about revolution. I dislike their taking credit for social change. Surely salesmen make change, but is it revolution? As a concept, idea, deed and word revolution is widely spread, longed for and is a deeply sunken impact to take advantage for, to use and abuse, buy and sell, make crowd go nuts. It is sunken into consciousness as holding power of the people as a massive forceful crowd. Revolution as a phenomenon of pop culture is of course forceful as tradition stuck societies are reluctant to alter ways of doing and thinking.

Revolution is not clean. It is not polite, nor seeking for monetary benefit. It is not oppressive nor indifferent. In societies that are depended on markets, consuming and the functions of markets revolution is and should be a scary word. It is power of the poor. Tough I speak for non-violent turnover, rioting and acts of civil disobedience seem compulsory to set society on its toes. That is what you very much should be, on your toes and be careful for your moves and what kind of message you are sending. What you give is what you get.

It is naive to believe in the hype businessmen want to create as revolution. That is shallow talk with self-interest, surface that shines only for those who have money to pay for it.