There will be a puddle on the floor after you have had a warm lovely long bath and you won’t immediately find your bathrope nor any similar pieces of clothing, a towel is far away, beyond reach and you will wonder why you left it there. There will be a man at the rollerskating rink, He will say God is different, God is Truth, What is God to you, do you think the same: Have you thought about these things at all. You will have coffee, sit on an uncomfortable plastic chair at the rink, unclean, watching other people skate, think how beautiful they are, but be uncapable to try it yourself because you enjoy watching others and you cannot move. You will remember the disco night where disabled kids danced and you went to a toilet to cry, because it was probably the most unbelievable moment in a long time. Moment glowing in the dark, did you eat it or would you. What other things there will be shining for you, I cannot say, It’s better not to know all of them. You will see.