Absolute conviction: to find something to believe in.

It can be quite hard to find such faith in anything. Despair and hopelessness are hard to beat when they are the landscape around. We may be unable to find things to believe in when good things disappear. Most people possibly have love for their country and family and are ready to defend those entities, protect something of one’s own. Love has something to do with this, what we love we will protect. For what kinds of things we have conviction other than to those that we love and are close to? Do we have to have a personal experience of belonging and connection to feel loyalty and trust to value something and have absolute conviction? The most precious things we hold dear and important we must protect as they are fragile, they are in need of protection. To some it is a nation, a king to serve, religion and god, ideology to follow and practice. Interesting is the mechanism of making need to serve a cause. Cause makes reason, patterns to understand why something happens and why we do what we do. We may have causes but no reason and still have conviction which is impossible to change as it is so completely overcoming. To rule with a cause even though it is wrong is to be able to speak it so it makes sense even it is senseless.