Dirty pictures?

Supposedly yes. Sexual act as dirty is what we think. Dirtiness of the act of intercourse, showing one’s private parts in public is revealing something that should not be revealed to all. Uncleanliness of sexuality is a habit of mind and the very essence of our shame. What kind of parts we have, what we do with them and how often, with whom and what happens when we do it, how should we be feeling. Dirt is when we do the opposite of what is proper, against the rules, ruin an impeccable, something that is not meant to be broken gets smudged in our minds. Sex ruining us is the accusation and assumption. It has been shown many times over that when prohibitions dictate lives, shame culture is strong, hiding becomes a rule, strict sexual and behavioral codes are made and maintained as heavy punishments, consumption of porn, prostitution, violence, discrimination and abuse rates rise and such culture is difficult to intervene. When hypocrisy is a dictating way of living and thinking people like to sweep those unpleasant issues under the carpet and be afraid of them. To be afraid of one’s sexuality has been a rule. Talking becomes problematic with much shame about the very issues of humanity, our organic and basic needs, growing hunger for intimacy, desires, lust and imagination.  Those things we are not supposed to have nor express freely as we please. They are ridiculed and anatomy of ours something we should disregard most of our lives. We can be punished for having such desires, women are born into this shame and disgrace.