Hostility? Are you sure you know what you are talking about?

My favorite, concept of he and his friends. They say they make revolution in Twitter. What is your contribution to revolution Henna? Do I need friends to make it? Do I need Twitter to do it? Even if you have friends and even if you use social media, don’t make the world go flat. It does not flatter you nor does the amount of friends. It is a cliché you know, the more friends you have the more powerful you are. How often do people fall for that trap. Always. We like herds and lords.
Hostility is wrapped inside a circle. They in a form of unity gaze behind their backs arrogantly grinning. 

My contribution to revolution. Which revolution are you talking about? I’m sure we talk about different kind of revolution. Do you risk your health and wealth for it? Do you risk everything you have got? Or do you do it behind fake profile?