a Day off at the racesPage not found in Dutch, and other quotes by the President of Bethlehem Steels

stolen words written with mud on newly painted vehicle for five with western twang by my shaking finger. And I laughed. It felt so good, mud in my fingers and to do something fantastically ridiculous. Whip. (Cleaning my hands to my shirt, trousers, dirty work with your hands)
Luminescence: Any emission of light that cannot be attributed merely to the temperature of the emitting body.
Just to warn you, when you walk by, when you place your eyes on me. The mud, a twang, looking up to the luminescenced clouds over this. How they seem to be luminescence? How is it possible for them to be luminescence?
I had a beer since it is my day off. quote:  Agreement with governor Blanchard, finally
fall on attitude, no no, heartbrat, brat, bratt who ultimately controlled governments funds at the end of the 1980s, business condigions to survive, and the management consultants doubted him. That’s fair. Chances of survival worst of all he didn’t. Sigh. quote end. Coming crucifuxing, to have faith and other blushihi t danger in dangered. My broken half, my fabulous dancers, my running winnings. And other
smallest things

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