Golden Puffs, golden handshakes and groups of people that protect their members as the group is seen as exceptional and cannot be criticized nor that it could be entered.

That there are people who violently protect interests of theirs, power of theirs and image of theirs. To keep a state of things unchanged and yet try to change the world is a bizarre way to bang one’s head to a wall, liking blindness, contradictions ignored and denying hypocrisy of it all. To make it into a group that has power and gain a position within that group, have respect and admiration is the name of the game. If someone wants to rock that boat, that someone is belittled, isolated, mentally mugged, robbed and spat at.

There are many groups that have dynamics like this, that work and exist because of special gifts, because of special talents. They think of themselves that they are more exceptional and hugely talented as their talent is acknowledged within and by experts. Sales and wages telling how talented they are. They choose people from their group, their tribe to fill positions in order to make an atmosphere of nothing actually changes. They don’t like people who contradict them, people who do things differently and who like to change these corrupted ways that impact the whole society. They get easily provoked, because they are definitely certain of their exceptional and rare quality. They are afraid to lose position of theirs. Which fear makes one a predator. Someone who has something to lose.

Bullying society favors groups like this as it is itself an exclusive group. Isolation is an important tool in making inequality and special groups of buddies to prevail. What kind of social change happens in this kind of world is exactly what we see today. Kind speeches are not going to change that.