What people say, say what they represent.

Who is your source? Do you trust without hesitation to what is spoken and what kind of characteristics in a person make them best experts, trustworthy so much so that we can follow their advice, orders, requests, rants, example, teachings etc. because there are for everyone people who have authority as knowledgeable reliable people who have wisdom, to whom we believe speak the truth. Truth is an interesting idea to investigate. Do we have our own and to what extent it is ours? How capable are we thinking for ourselves, trusting what we know and feel is right instead of listening people who have been given authority to be listened to?

Money makes the world: http://fusion.net/story/148718/journalism-art-ethics/ “You can get 10% for just about anything, in the art world. Call yourself an “art advisor”, and you can get galleries to give you 10% of the sale price of whatever they sell to your client. Call yourself a “curator”, and you can get 10% of the sales of any show that you put together, even if you’re not actually selling anything yourself. Or, just make an introduction! Auction houses have something called “introductory commission”, which just means that if you steer a seller to Sotheby’s, say, rather than Christie’s, then Sotheby’s will kick back to you a chunk of the sale price.”