Disposable ones. Who disposes what?

Human being has human value, not value of piece of meat, a bird or a cat, but human. We consider our higher consciousness and intellect fair reasons to the superior number one spot on the planet. That is one way to see human value as value of a winner and taker of what there is to take and own because it is possible. Could human value mean we can refuse to do what we could do because it would be right thing to do? To be able to use judgment of one’s own, say no, see alternatives, be creative and innovative, have will of one’s own and be kind are parts of the human value. Aggressive is very much how many cultures do things and behave. They state their power and status by owning, stealing, taking, killing and denying it is wrong reasoning somebody else would do the same if they did not. It is common children are seen as inferior to adults but many adults behave as children do. What kind of conclusions should I make here? Quite obvious. Human value in all this combat and commodity culture is measured by how much and what one owns and what one is able to accomplish, what is seen as an accomplishment in the eyes of those who compete in the same game. Compete is a good word to add in when weighing human value, valuing worth of anything in our world much comes via competition, visibility and winning.
The more there are of us does it mean there will be heavier competition of survival or will we able to share the good we have with those who don’t have as much?
People who come in all ethnic variety there is and genders whom I cannot name, but genders in plural do exist and must be acknowledged: All have human value. What does that mean is a complete order of practicing human rights everywhere, rights that concern everybody. Is it a matter of defining human value again or do we know it by now? Value, worth, life, unique, irreplaceable wonder I cannot help of admiring and still stay horrified by him and her as we are not equal nor live in peace. Value of something existing is a good start to begin to think the difficulty in valuing anything. How do we become to value, starters life, which many take for granted, during which people can accomplish terrible tragedies to each other for reasons that seem valuable enough to cause disasters and misery for many. What is human value then in this picture with multiple disaster making creature who devalues life that he has made a commodity and disposable object to be destroyed just like that? Is it good to ask, is it hypocritical to see that monetarizing life and existence of species is basically wrong and unjust? There in every way seems to be belittling and underrating of value of life, ways of living, existing, undervaluing of nature, animals and people. Is it something difficult to define what is important and protect that?  It is not self-evident there as such is life, respected and cherished life.
For some reason I am not buying this talk, this niceness, this kindness and well meaning. This is reality: human life does not have value unless it is wrapped in an expensive suit and has buddies. Theory and reality are not matching. Wonder why that is. As much as there are good intentions, good people doing so much good world is in a terrible state. This is not just a horror story, it is happening all the time. I think my feet are on the ground. How about yours?


Blind boys running downhill. I really have witnessed it happening. Oh I have seen the Japanese garden. Fill in the blank, but I don’t think you’ll get the job, Motherfucker.

Elbows wrists, elbows wrists, a pornographic magazine under the loo carpet. Sudden movements and sighs.
Who is that flying through the air? Cover yourself itzy bitzy spider. Limbs breaking the brisk air.
Terrible kleptomaniac spent warmly days in the sun of love. (Don’t ask for permission just do it.)

Call me anything you like, Unemployed Hashtag, Ach Scheissenheit! I’m a real hipster. Which definition was quite a surprise to me. Definitely and it is forever, class and grace of knowing what to wear.

Aesthetics of a Water Bottle.

What is there in a water bottle tossed on the side of a road? What kind of story does it hold? Where to begin, when approaching such seemingly insignificant object, and what lies in the insignificance? A plain water bottle is an object, which requires to be studied more closely as a unique culturally bound phenomenon, a kind of necessity and luxury item. Bottle of water, and other containers of beverages we carry with us, are products of commercial commodity culture. Objects, meaningful in more ways than just as helpful containers of drinkable liquid. Plastic bottle is a design object, which is meant to be used once and disposed. Still, in order to be sold, a bottle has to be aesthetically desirable package of everyday with desirable contents and message. It is at best, pleasure for the eyes and a way of presenting one’s way of life. Within the field of industrial package design there are trends and phases, fashions circulating and directing what we drink, how we drink, where to drink and why. Culture, which is also directed by nutritionists and other experts in media.

We like to think it is us, who have the control. In some ways we do. We are the ones using money and choosing. We are taught to think we deserve to be spoiled and are worthy of little daily treats. To a certain point, we use power and control over the market, which in the end is us. On the other hand, we have no control whatsoever, especially what comes to wanting to be seen, spoiled, fulfilling desires and being worthy of sweet luxuries. We like to state our worthiness with expensive goods and services. In that sense, our commercial culture is very immature and predictable. We follow our primal emotions. Holding drinks and packages is similar to holding a phone, which act and item represent accessibility, capability, visibility, fun, enjoyment, having wealth, illusion of business and continuity.

Interesting part is, what comes to making visual world for consumers. How tiny particles as bottles and packages largely make the luring culture. Products of unsustainable, emotionally oriented culture, visible surfaces, which are used for mass consumption purposes to be delivered, placed to be seen, offered to be wanted and sold in never-ending speed. It is our take-away culture to carry food, walk with food and drinks while working, doing and making; meaning having an active life. Do we drink water to stay slim, have a good skin, or just because we are thirsty? Plastic bottles can be recycled, but still they are waste and made of nonrenewable material. Such small, ‘practical’ choices, which pile up may be easy, and we do need to drink fresh water daily. Still the cost is quite dear, when one measures up the material discarded in the long run. According to survey by Food and Water Watch in the US in 2009, consumers purchased 8.45 billion gallons of bottled water [1.]. Luckily for the environment, figures declined from 2008 2,5 percent due to recession, as people cut down unnecessary expenses. Something good comes out of having financial low, which also proves our constant need for consuming more than is necessary when it is financially possible. As it goes, the small percentage of world’s population uses the most resources environmentally and economically.

1.https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/water/bottled/bottled-water-bad-for-people-and-the-environment/ 8.4.2014 Food and Water Watch is a nonprofit organization, which advocates for common sense policies that will result in healthy, safe food and access to safe affordable drinking water.