Who said

Sometimes I think is demonizing the very essence of being human and why is it a popular way of making negative awareness and relations. Making nullification and false information prevail. Do we seek sides in others that are not even there just to be safe and safer, better and the best. It is a right to have when one can speak against and point a finger, separating begins, defending one’s interests. After having faced those turned backs too many times I already know it is not me with a fault, it is I with quite a deal.

Demonizing women is nothing new, it is a way of dealing with issues one cannot deal with, accept and handle. Fear of feminine outlook on life, fear of life itself, fear of love, fear of truth, fear of losing. If women are those who seduce men and therefore have to be veiled from head to toe and hide from being seen, what does it tell about men? To me they seem quite weak if body is the thing making them do hasty and dirty deeds. Their bodies decide what they do. Woman for many is a body to be used and hidden when not needed. The one who obviously is seducing is an evil person. Evilness is in the sex which must not be seen, imagined, known or learned about. The thing that is seen can be damaging. Extremes such as religious veiling are interesting in their simplicity. Strict rules which without exceptions must be obeyed or punishments will be severe. Dear Lord, this is so depressing news.

Which one is more damaging war images or pornography? Can they be compared? I ask because social media, especially Twitter is at the moment buzzing with pictures of deceased victims of wars and I’m thinking it is the worst kind of adult content. And it is real.