in speed declaring mental love

It is often heard dichotomy, confrontation between political and personal. It is to say personal is political, a common phrase to use, it is also true. My choices in everything make politics not only by voting and educating myself, but by what I consume, how I choose to live, eat, drink, travel, see, listen, watch.  Everything comes up from making political decisions of what is safe, good, correct, profitable, good for economy, good for our nation, what is good for us to do in order to live in an organized society. But it is common to think politics does not concern, touch, interest or they, who do politics are not interested, concerned or touched by lives of ordinary citizens.
Emotional landscapes we inhabit, which we make, we have and how we notice them, invaded emotional spaces and which emotions are there for us to sense, why are they there for us, why do we have feelings at all if we are unable to use them or are they to use selectively. Do we inhabit emotions at all, maybe emotions are rare precious things we cannot afford anymore other than instant ecstatic thrills and chills called experiencing, sudden bursts which we go hunting to avoid boredom, loneliness, not to face ourselves, not to face the everyday of someone nor mine nor anyone’s

Speed of change, there is a time for change is a phrase, phrasing as framing, it is settling, maybe an effort to find crystallized truth and meaning and explanation of what happens, what might happen and why. Timing, what happens with timing, in time, in waiting, in lining up, in hurry, speed that media brings in our lives, speed of pictures, speed of events, speed of a runner. Speeding, measuring, comparing at work.