quasi-freedom of expression (but art is eternal ;)

we don’t want to see your tongue, we want tits. Tiddies. Ali baba show us your tits. Defining beauty… yängädi-yänk yeah, they are doing it themselves.

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Oh it’s Giorgio! Giorgio! Today my favourite song is Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana! KissKiss

Measurements for success in largeness, interviews, visibility, figures, counted as how much. Nothing is enough is the ultimate capitalist will to live and kill and that to be seen as strength. Lust for Speeding, search for novelty and winnings is dictated by corporal yearly financial functions followed closely by the press. Only massive growth is good enough.  As fashion is circulating through winter, spring, summer and fall collections, it is tightly followed by most of us. What to wear, where and with what. Such accessories as phones go nicely along with the burning picture of the burning world.

Missä on lisänumerot? unohtu.. 1, 5, 29

To set the world on fire, world that already is burning. World existing in flames, in heat, burn, destruction. What is a burning world a metaphor for? Human energy, evilness, rush of blood, I’m not sure, it means different things for different people, different contexts, excitement, fever, lust.

I’m tested if I’m ok, but are you ..ok? Isn’t it ..weird, to be tested, oh yeah, she’s..ok-

o fucking k. What the Hell? Who are you to test me? Master of fucking Kung Fu?
I’ll kick your fucking ass fucking aha. Testing testing bla bla how is your small t. Fucking fuck fuc ing ing

Kiss my behind bing. You would if you could.

Hi! I’m looking for an object that looks like a human being. An object being human like alive but not. The One that doesn’t care how I treat one and more importantly does not do weird things in front of everybody; like a cow, but human, preferably beautiful. Oh yes, careful pronunciation of English and typing abilities required. Also, Competition of Best Explanations of Nothing opens Right Now, Please Call my fabulous AP or send your selfmade application to siouxhie@gmail.com. Thank You. Kiitos.

Prizes in this competition are Bubbles in the Air. Kisskiss!