Do we all know what is bad leading and do we know the concept of democracy? Is it applied democracy, or facade and a phrase, manner of speech to make the speaker sound like a good guy with good intentions, democracy a thing like honey, to which we are reaching but do not have.

People want democracy, but people do not vote. People want prosperity, but do they want all to prosper? When we talk about democracy, we think the self-evident, freedom, wealth, health care, welfare, equality, work, education and so on. Good things, easy living, peaceful society with benefits and enjoyment of life. If people choose they are not interested in politics and do not use their vote, what happens? I think the result is happening now.
I use the word democracy, not in the ancient meaning that there would be some who are allowed to vote (free men) and those who are not allowed to vote and take part (slaves and women). I use the word democracy in the meaning that everyone has a voice and power. It is up to everyone individually to decide how to use that power of his/hers. To live in a system that is based on a noble idea of participation and trust should be easy. Do we have that kind of political system in use or only on idea level? That the one you give your vote does and works for what he or she promises to.

Politics today is done poorly partly because those who are interested in voting are conservative conformists and lean too much on religion in their decision-making. Too many people boycott elections, do not participate and follow what goes on in the world. Conservatives have an active role in molding society. Why do they always seem to be the ones with the assets, say over and connections? Why CEOs are listened to as political advisers? Well because we are run by economy and business and we want salesmen stars to give advise how to make a fortune. Corporal rulers are very loud, opinionated and listened to. Good performers are luring, so is power. As politics so is business a stage act. If people, the average men and women think the current system/s is/are rotten and does/do not represent him/her, the people, but the interests of the politicians and corporations, what kind of system would do representing better? Who would represent you best? Or is politics about representing the nation and interests of a nation? Are interests of nations interests of the people of the nation?