Your guns, your freedom? Your fears are your jail. Arms are power, without power what are we? “Every day, millions of people suffer from the direct and indirect consequences of the irresponsible arms trade: thousands are killed, others are injured, many are raped, and/or forced to flee from their homes, while many others have to live under constant threat of weapons.”
How is it that there are striking similarities between men’s rights groups and associations that fight for American right to own and manufacture firearms? Arguments those both entities use are somewhat similar. There is nothing there for these groups to consider that should be different in what they do and how they think. Threats come from the outside and threaten a way of life, sovereignty and freedom to defend oneself with firearms. To bear a gun is therefore a human right. It is a scary world where one is forced to change even though the enemy does not look peaceful and to be without bullets is like being naked. There are enemies everywhere for people who are dreadfully frightened and scared of losing and surrendering. This small defenceless individual does not wish anything to change, least himself. One can ask why is that? Lobbying for weapon industry, the money flow and jobs it creates? God made him perfect so why change and money weapon industry makes is fabulous. People have all kinds of rights but to bear a gun is not on my list. Arguments used have correlation to being seriously offended by what that other person just said all the time, because minds are made up and somethings just are solid as a rock.
Similarities are there when gun owners feel threatened by someone telling it is not right to threaten security and future of mankind, meaning security of others. Those others by whom the chosen ones with weapons are threatened by. It is not right or even good for you to eat meat every day, it is not hugely correct not to regulate arms trade (results are there open wide), yes it is good to feel secure, but if guns are the only thing that make you feel secure there is seriously something wrong. Alarm bells should be ringing at your end in a different way. Those who defend their right to bear arms as much as they wish do not see themselves a s threat. Why is that? Is it because God is on their side? So far there have been extremely few attacks against the US on their soil. Nobody has been threatening their independence nor their manufacturing or owning of arms. Only threat there against the US is themselves. It is an upside down world where self-reflection could actually do a lot of good.
It is also curious how American lobbyists for freedom to bear arms affect the whole world. There are quite many threats and continues to be as arms do not lessen the threats. Logic is not on your side. Arms do not make you secure, they create an atmosphere of threat and fear, atmosphere of death and distrust. It is interesting how the United States is frightened over Iran having a nuclear bomb. Yes it is scary and rearmament is not stopping because threats are not going anywhere as long as weapon trade cannot be regulated. It is made hugely difficult when UN is the mighty authority and nations with serious military power do not vote for regulation. Some things never change one might think and that is especially nations with macho attitude and a way of life to protect. It is ironic how a way of life is affecting the whole world and the wall is right ahead into which a way of life is driving rather fast.