Feminists are

The ones who refuse to die. Feminists set the world on fire. The ones who refuse the lies that are fed by the acclaimed, the acknowledged and therefore lawful, righteous members of society. Feminists do not give in to the entertainment society that wishes such demanding negativity of human right fighters into oblivion. State of being completely forgotten as it has happened to history of feminists. It has been knowingly forgotten and silenced, because it is history of women, family and children. Those people who title themselves as anti-feminists do not know how much they should be thankful for feminism. Yes can you fucking believe it.

One of the most powerful ideologies and movements in human history is scary to those who like their comfort, their status, their unchanging likable fun with buddies. It is too easy to ridicule women, to laugh at them, to forget them, to diminish them, to step on them. Women also do it themselves; discouragement, envy, conformism, indifference, class loyalty, isolation, separation and ignorance  hurt women the most. Women are the most hurt group of people in the world in continuum. That is what we must make end to. Change is coming and you better believe it!You find feminism threatening, ask yourself why.

The Yellow Pearls of China: Women with a PhD


Probably exceptional, definitely.

Talk about exceptional nature of anything is always interesting. It is art of comparing, judging, selecting, placing and knowing. Choosing the exceptional is what we must do in order to know where to go and we must think it of ourselves that we are exceptional to achieve and accomplish. Exceptional is something immaterial, a set of qualities, standards and goals. This fact and desire to find ultimate perfection, satisfaction, the truth is puzzling surely and we like and must suspect and question to reach it, bring views of our own forward, which makes the whole of humanity evolve towards the better. To question ourselves and our goals. Perfection is never found due to its incomprehensible difficult nature and there possibly are several millions of perfections, incomprehensible and difficult. We can only get closer and closer, if we wish. We think and understand in so many different ways which is perfection of life that there is no end. As curious race it is our nature and duty to invent ourselves. We are construction sites under construction all the time. Although to me it seems those who truly seek and look for are few. It is a lot of work to work with yourself as for many that person is the unknown and scary in his/her incapability to discover himself/herself. It takes an ability to observe without bias and set expectations, without fear. Or with fear but ignoring the scare. Perfection is not a vendible object. Objects do not make perfection. They do not make anyone perfect.
We try to find exceptional outside of ourselves and often reject it in ourselves and in others. Exceptional can be too strange to understand and accept. Anything exceptional is out-of-order and banned. Exceptional is not something that has distinct limits. It does not follow given norms and rules.


Niels Bohr and his colleagues demonstrated that in a quantum system the location of a particle prior to observation could only be described probabilistically, as a wave function. But once that particle is observed or measured, the wave function collapses, and the particle is found to have a determinate location. In reality as we ordinarily know it, everything has a determinate position rather than occupying an indeterminate “superposition.” The Copenhagen interpretation of the quantum phenomenon by Niels Bohr and his colleagues asserted that the act of observation itself caused the wave function to collapse.”


It’s Miss May!

Perfection is an interesting goal. I as an artist am puzzled by it, it is the thing needed in art. It is an absolute, layered fulfillment. Question is is there something behind perfect? Does it end something when found? To define perfect is to leave out something. Perfection and beauty, culturally bound liking and appreciation. It is to find something whole and solid to fill every possible desire, to become content, find and conquer, achieve and win. It is satisfaction and thrill. Thought is, it is good to be perfectionist, like something to prove. But whose perfect is in question and for who do we seek to be perfect. Perfection, the idea of perfect, is wanted when there is a show going on, when there is something precious to gain. It is to stand out and be special, make an impression, give an awe.

I am little annoyed by perfectionist way of doing things. There is something missing there, but it is not neurosis nor compulsiveness, nor obsession, despair and unhappiness, fear of failure that is lacking. They are there like knives, like guilt and shame, fear of abandonment. Perfectionism is full of those things. It can be predatory and loath against making mistakes, which can prevent from trying. Prevent from being different. Special fades from narrow perfection, so does originality.