Why is cruelty a dominating practice?

Is cruelty a dominating feature in humans? It certainly dominates to news. In certain realities cruelty dominates the whole of life experience. How do we select how to behave and act towards others and ourselves? Do we become cruel when our environment is cruel to us or do we act against cruelty, against all odds? Despite we get hurt ourselves do we fight against cruelty and do not fall into trap of being cruel as revenge? How do we prevent us from being cruel is of course to know what is cruel and what is good to do and what is not. Things gained via cruelty are not worth having is the first piece of advise to understand. How do we understand and obey such an advise in a cruel world? We have to know worth of the other in correlation and relation to us no matter how far, how strange, how poor. When others do not have value of ours to measure, to compare with us cruelty becomes easily a tool to manifest power over those others who are less according to measurements. Logic many times is when one has less one is less. How do we measure is interesting. Such mindless calculations can and often are very irrational without any factual base. We just like to think we are superior because.

Levels of appreciation and worth are plain and fairly obvious to see and they are continuously there in our every day to place people in to their places from which they have to work and live. It looks like a game of survival which can get bloody. Cruelty may get zillions of forms as we are an imaginative and idea rich individuals, at least so we like to think of ourselves. We also like to reason our cruelty as justified. To me it has become to seem as if most people do not recognize cruelty as a flaw and wrong in what they do. It is therefore accepted as part of a survival game where we must fight and find our place. To a certain extent it is justified to have such a fight. I find it essential part of individual development. Cruelty can have justification of the strong due to this knowledge that we have to fight to get something and when we have gotten what we wanted we have to protect it.

Is there any answer to the question of extent and bloodiness, answer to cruelty? Never plain and simple?

When I open my eyes, what do I see? There is despair in the air, panic of losing, youthful looks as possessions to be sold as anything else. But why be bothered by this? There is nothing I can do to change the whole culture, only myself. Quickly before it fades away. Beauty is glue, people glued luring gazes looking for something to steal. It is a weapon as well as punishment, the gaze. Punishment of being watched, looked at. Why does it hurt? I should enjoy of the stares, where else people should place their eyes than to each other.


Ritual blood spill.

Feminism as I see it, is part of humanism in a profound and attached, combined way, it cannot be chopped off for the reasons like it sounds old-fashioned or it does not glitter enough.  So does philosophy for some, sound like. It does not work or you don’t like, which one? Or you don’t want the stigma?

Humanism would be missing its body part. Humanism is our consciousness. We can hope for it not to be paralyzed, cut to parts that can’t understand each other, as it now seems to be the case. There are women who like to say that they are not feminists ( for some reason those who get to say it so it becomes news are American, “I am this and that, but I am not feminist”..), those same people believe in strong and equal womanhood, strong woman, strong human, what is that, in terms of capitalism, what is a strong human in terms of humanity? Being above what, that other, giving orders or as strong as, as good as, but different. Problem is in seeing feminism as counter activism, against any other, like an outer negative force that wants to put parts of society in feminist kind of order. I have one request for every woman, if you do not relate to feminist why bring it up at all. Be a good sport. It’s good to be good. Women if they feel strong and are capable of acting out in their society as respected members are bound to feminism and its achievements, due to fighting for equal human rights most women can vote, be part of politics and speak their mind.

Disrespect for feminism is disrespect for humanity.

accomplished, so we can move on and in time forget. To volunteer to battle, did he? How much is obligation? offered himself to make peace, sacrifice of one life, he felt he had nothing to lose and much to gain, he had much love for the living and life, he felt thankful. I think he was sincere.

cruel, cruelty to look over, to pass by as you never knew, to but, raising to but my glass

we should live, not hide in corners frightened by the news, by threats

turmoil, described as weather,

as form in nature where one cannot see inside like dark forest or cave.

despondent melancholy, calling it sadness, sorrowful, cry, woe

Will to live. Will! Wiiiilllllllll!!! Will to whistle.

Selfless. When will a person become without self. Person and ego will fade. To see the process. He Isn’t himself anymore. To be looked at as Vulnerability.

potential effects added emotional vocabulary so recent

ranging from misplaced judgment,subtle to severe, but oh to hail, and,damaging
targets of national importance

to put in place Emotional mapping with tape,

tools, know ways of good,

and a framework to enable government to make decisions over the increasing militarization of the internet. potentially aggressive

Despair a feeling and lack, vital urge not fulfilled, hunger and horror put together. Needless, powerless, not wanted. There is something repulsive, foul, nasty, criminal and insane. There are different levels of hopelessness, despair as some lowest point on emotional map. Despair when person doesn’t understand that one has power and at least one choice. be Capable of, find the things one is capable of. How does that happen? What is needed that someone realizes one’s opportunities and chances in a situation when there are none seen or close by? Encouragement, example, teacher, text, kind words by someone keep us going.