Mir She

How I right wrong? My wrong or somebody else’s? Yes that is a good question. Often people want to show their authority by correcting mistakes other people may do. Right proven to be needed, authority and power of having the right. The right thing to do and when not to. To establish the truth or genuineness of, validity by evidence or argument or just place yourself above the one who is not worthy of you. To prove what is closest to exact accuracy. As far as there is such a thing to be found. Solid unchangeable truth. It still has to be proven and said out loud many times over, because there is so much false information out there which is believed to be true. Knowledge of what is the right to live for anybody and how that right is not to be disturbed nor forbidden. My right, which is peaceful and lit. It is not light. It is heavy as life can be, but there is hope for everybody. There is not a hopeless case.

It is not judgment nor punishment. Forgiveness is still difficult and impossible, because of the strong quality of judgment for reasons that are not mine. Inside of me it is a different story, but who is interested in someone’s inner story, for fuck’s sake. People who believe what they see is true. But that is the shitty part of living, isn’t it. And I know you well enough now. Let’s call it a trauma and piece of evidence.

I like to believe in good. I like to believe that what I do is good. Is that what everybody else does? There are obviously many kinds of good. It is a flexible concept. You can try prove me wrong. In that case be absolutely sure you are right.

Fixed air. How to make weather? Respiration of all. All in one breath inhale and again empty our lungs without thinking.

To laugh and dance like spiritual guide, shaman finding altered states of consciousness and understanding the connection between human will, faith and the unseen, know we are the force of nature humbly, wisely and that there are those who are more powerful than us. To communicate with those powers of earth. To impress and tempt spirits who make the rain for us to live. We live to impress ourselves. Rain comes as it wishes.

What are we doing now? Why do we dance now? Do we trust our guides, scientists and thinkers who know what moves the physical world. It is strange how we are now effecting the weather and we are forgetting to respect spirits of nature. We say there are none. There are plants and animals, ecosystems. Should we know why this all is and why we think it is all for us. Is there a reason or just coincidence?

(A person who makes the weather, someone called bird of the ill weather. Person who has bad karma or just bad attitude towards life and brings it on everybody like weather.) How affected we are, and yet not. Staying unaware and needy makers of change.

To use weather as a verb that makes us and makes us make. The ultimate molder of earth and how we make our living.

The more
exited we get the more we produce carbon dioxide, Spiritus Sylvestre, wild spirit. Fast breathing, sweating and steaming.

Climate at high altitude is thin. Thin air.

To undo the untrue and unjust, one has to know what is true and just.

How do we see the ultimate truth if our vision is blocked and mixed with desire and greed? What is an ultimate truth for a human being? Is it the one a person is raised to and by? For example a Muslim country that begins to give religious education for children since they are very little has a very distinct idea of what is right and true. How does truth, good and what is true and good to do come to form in a mind of a child when the ultimate truth is finished in unchangeable manner and cannot be argued? Nations which are constructed via heavy religious upbringing are interesting in this sense as building one mind. Nation full of people who are in use of a nation who believe are doing god’s work. God’s work via brainwash. It is no surprise fanaticism and religious armies are easily gathered, furious against the unfaithful and destructive entities such as the West.
How much all this has got to do with God is not only Muslim dilemma. Christians practice similar one truth ideology. Christian values, how much are they values of God, who is himself, not herself. So he has a penis? What comes to issues like gay and women’s rights religion is in main role. Battle is heavy, unbelievably tough. Talk about unnatural, traditions and what God wants are matters of opinion. What is seen right. People who defend the old ways have nothing else on their side but hearsay, thinking you know and hurtful blind spots. Religion is still the thing on which our culture is built on. Weighing much, religion and tradition, dictating ways to live, rights and wrongs, the truth.

Am I suppose to think like an entrepreneur? Does it help or give direction to what kind of art and writing I do?

This is the current and has been ever since I went to art school the issue how to monetize art, skills and ideas. It is also big part of becoming an artist to learn to market oneself.  To be an artist is to make a living by doing art. What kind of art would I be doing if I let market guide me. I would let the notion of what sells dictate what I do. But Henna you have to put a price tag on your work, it might help. To me it is the lamest thing in an exhibition. I turn away, sorry. Keep your ideals and market. To make money I could place ads on my sites. Sell space for companies. Aren’t there enough ads as it is.

As an artist I eventually as I present myself become a product. I have a message, frame and a name. Skills and ideas. An artist has to raise interest, be an interesting investment, be seen and noticed. My art pieces are unique items. Everything is for sale. My uniqueness is sold. One has to make a living. But one is not an artist, if one does not make any money. It is that simple. Is money that defines our work? Is money that gives value? I know it is a case of product thinking whether one chooses to make products or not, because we live in the world of products and merchandise. We are hungry to succeed. It is good to pay attention what is to succeed, is success measured by money and if so why is that?

I think there is the art market, sides of the centre and then there is the marginal, which isn’t even trying to lure buyers, please anyone’s eye. Marginal lives out of outsider status and freedom of it. That is what makes walking on the wild side interesting. Is it pleasing oneself only or looking for alternative ways of doing and saying? Probably all that. Then it is not a service, but is still art.


Same old same old?

It seems we are making a world of less. The contradiction is that there is plenty of everything for all. Why not share it? In world of less we are and have more and more. Less of what? Welfare? Love? Means? Possibilities? What do we have less than before and when is before? Yesterday? Did we not have enough in the first place? Isn’t it a basic human trouble, to be inadequate and lacking? It is a strange puzzle to organize, the amount of how much is good enough, and I don’t get the bottom of it. We do not get the bottom of it. Maybe there is no bottom, of course, it is a bottomless world partly unknown, seemingly full, people seemingly adventurous and deep in their thinking.
But we like the surface of things which reflect security and calm, peace and prosperity. Somehow there are no solutions that fit all and those things that change the world are making variety scarce and marginal. As it has been always. Strong eat the weak.