Authority of physicality, authority of gender

It is somehow feminine and childlike to act obediently, to be a subject naturally. To take that place of being told to, being defined by others, because it is your place given to you as one is born a girl. Something we are expected of doing is to believe in this enslavement and the image of perfect subhuman, because in that way women will be loved. If women rebel, do things in the ugly way, unexpected, rude and shameful they become something else. They become outcasts and criminally flawed that must be avoided, loathed and killed.
Macho men do not back down, do not take anybody’s advise. They only listen to those who are similarly macho, trust the tradition of true man, power of true man staying the same. Macho men  are on the same line with each other so to speak, in a way. Listening to women’s or children’s opinions and thoughts is a waste of time for them. What would they have to say to pay attention to anyway. We have learned to believe in the physical size and the confidence it brings, power of it. Threat of being beaten down and abandoned is risky, but it has to be taken to change something that does not want to change. Something I have been wondering about is the authority of physicality, how tirelessly it holds on to us and we believe in it. How it equals or doesn’t with mental capacity, mental strength, righteousness and value. Authority of knowing what is right to do for anybody and how life should be lived.
In countries where women are inferior and silenced, in which they are almost a different species compared to men authority of men is indisputable, undeniable. Women do not have a say over their lives, over anything that concern lives of theirs. Good example are the women’s rights/human rights conferences by in the Middle east. (I have seen pictures but do not know what goes on in such conferences.) Conferences with total absence of women. Where women are not allowed nor asked to speak. Stupidest thing is that men usually do not have a slightest idea how a woman feels, thinks or what womanhood is about nor what might be wrong. For men there is nothing wrong. Everything is fine. What it is to become a woman in this kind of environment surely must be disappointing. In the light of lack human rights for women it is rather alarming that men decide and think they know what to say for women and girls without question.
How will men know what women are about and when will they allow women to speak for themselves? It should be right about time.

How to change violent macho culture? Such culture that rules and dictates globally, you know it? It is not capable of being afraid of itself, of noticing the damage done and how it continues living in people. It does not have empathy to notice or care for the ill and of those hurt. A culture that doesn’t want to change because it is tied to strict codes and power relations which operate with brutal violence, fear, shaming and abandonment simplifying the complexity of life and humanity.

I have lived in that culture, I still live in such world. I’m sick and tired of it.

At the moment I want to know has violence in people’s lives been reduced or is the amount of violence experienced and seen continuously increasing as I somehow suspect is the case. So let me know.