Dirtiness: disgusting, hideous, resentful, awful. I have different idea of what is dirty.

I have faced myself the strange belief that due to something I do not understand such women as myself have to be extra careful what comes to being groomed and stylish and any detail not matching the ideal appearance is strictly looked down on, commented and disapproved of. It is one part of obedience training to make perfect puppets who do not smell wrong or do anything other than what is expected of them. People who believe in this kind of bullying and militant order for human behavior which does not allow stepping outside the box pointed at you are more a rule than exception and I have began to wonder why it is so. Is the answer as simple as it is much more preferable to have it easy than difficult, it is more comfortable not to face the human mess and follow orders which never change until they are forced to change. It much easier when women do as they are told, do things that are there for women to do, look like feminine and graceful beings that can be discarded when they fade, it is lovely when the ideal and easy package make perfect match so you don’t have to bother yourself to change, figure out someone or even think that that someone is on the same level as you are or is more than you. You give orders to those who are inferior to you, you team up against such people who defy you because you cannot tolerate the defiance and will to be something else.
It is a simple way of placing people into your tiny world and at the same time it is about hygiene that resonates with an ideology that is not at all that clean. Absolute sanitary cleanliness which makes everything around very dead inside and out.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11933480/Dirty-women-a-defence.-I-should-know-I-am-one.htmlDon’t believe me? Try going into any public women’s toilets. The state of the loos will attest to the true range of female hygiene. Good luck.”