Don’t you have to be rich to be fuckable? Sure, and easily discarded. LMFAO. Say tits.

ART OF SELFIE. 2015-2021

Get as close as you can to c. 2016

In art sex has got a big role, bigger than anyone likes to admit. Maybe in sex art also has a role. one can hope, maybe artsy angles and plots, not leaving anything to imagination though, no. Look deep into the holes and how big any body part is, otherwise we don’t see and seeing is believing. Sex the act and sex of anyone, sex the biggest issue we have, is also the mess, we can’t get enough of. Which has led me think, do they, art and the children of the revolution, understand feminism (leftism really already is a lost cause and far away from its original purpose) at all, or is it just something to grab and use as a shield to look and sound better? Well they can’t all be feminists. Freedom doesn’t mean you can do whatever or does it? Freedom in art somehow ends up being a mess or is it the tight control of artists and the system that is destroying something very essential? I have always hated being monitored and controlled. The need for controlling art and artists is there. Art the beacon for feminism and leftism today, what a laugh, feminism and leftism, the beacons for art, I wish. Hope you are getting paid. Why are these things on the surface only? Feminism the sellable object is thrown around like it was something handy and making the user absolutely a good person, better than most- sticker on you.

Beginner’s guide to feminism for people who don’t know anything about feminism might come useful and this seems to be the case today more and more. Clearly many people think it is fine to destroy in the name of feminism mostly women, their careers and bodies, and feminism itself, but to sexism nothing has happened and checking anybody out is normal behavior, part of the curve and curves who has them, I mean, what and who is interesting and how anyway? Nude images are to humiliate and not art? Could be. Be it one is humiliating oneself only, isn’t it part of doing art, you make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there…Depending on the person’s intentions and who it is, is nude. Nipplegate awaits forever. We just want to take a look. The very very frightening female nipples pointing at you. People who have grown into culture infested with porn are the ones who humiliate the most? Who knew? And men group together just as always to watch and laugh. I don’t like to explain, but c’mon, you are not this daft? Must be biological as it is obvious and repetitious.

To understand the nude is tricky, maybe a deep dive into art history could open up the difference between men and women in art. Why still so slow, I wonder. You talk about change, but you do not change, but you do change, don’t you, you must know what, when and how? You do want change, don’t you? What is the change we are experiencing, could you answer, because it looks weird? I would like to hear an analysis. Not going downhill, are we? Become rich and famous? How art. Sure there is #metoo (did I write it correctly?), but is the impact in the headlines of who is the biggest crook and social media visibility being who got violated the worst? Actress got treated terribly while alone in a hotel room with this big shot who has been doing the same thing for decades (we just heard whispers about it) and they really do not learn anything, because the powerful don’t have to. Action of changing the industry of arts is far more difficult, because putting yourself on the line is extremely dangerous, but is it impossible and how afraid are these people? Sex is this big thing and female is the wrong sex, that is why she can have an impact since naked female body is causing shame, what this slut anyway and did what, I mean, dear Lord. Shaming women is very normal in very conservative communities, men can do whatever and they will and want. It is accepted, but feminism is interesting, isn’t it, or the feminist perspective in a work of art, oh and ah. You have a good camera. Yes, we support, as long as it remains on the surface and in talks. Heavy lifting can and will damage careers. But what can you do? Are you talking about abilities or options? Abilities of a woman possibly, because men can’t be feminists? Well, excluding women comes so easily, it is almost funny.

One can still be puzzled by, as the rituals and talks stay the same, the effort, what is the impact really, if there is any in this noise and aggression? Headlines of successes and what did J.K. Rowling say? Ending up changing nothing since for people in power sex is a way to use power. But maybe sex change (gender reassignment surgery) is a good idea, since being female means you get fucked and you get to look good, ultra feminine and being a slut is accepted? It is all about power and why power is important in art, is that it is the primitive, a primal desire and someone has to decide what: the need for power and sex is absolute and destroy and corrupt absolutely? What kind of power does female body have as her power has to be taken away and denied? Not minuscule obviously.

Media pays just as much attention to women’s looks as ever, it is how articles about women begin. Being bossy is cool? So, it is a compliment, you validate worth and capital and how women get ahead in life? It could be sexism has increased because of looks is massively important in the contemporary world, misogyny, a new word for many is accepted against those who think differently. It defines you and what you are able to do, how interesting you are and how you are interesting. Interest lies in everyday in fuckability and how power is used. I have been wondering the term fuckable ever since I heard it behind my back, literally over and over again and I am not looking. It has a flavor of easy to use, bragg about and forget just like any other thing that/who has a wrapping. So why talk about art, fucking is much more interesting like sports, over and over again, look at her ass. There is nothing much else she has (very possibly the source of my sadness). Why even be bothered by this, everyone uses sex to get something, right? But why in art and whoring is ok when you are an ultra feminine minority? So many wannabes and so few roles. I was hoping independent thinking and making of art would have progressed by now and become mainstream. One can hope and get disappointed sorely, like what happened to universities?

PS. When the head of an art institution got fired in Sweden for analysing fuckability of women, I felt like I’d like to see a porno opera. Naked people singing arias and fucking maybe for hours in bright lights audience sitting on wooden benches asses in agony without intermission drinking wine. It is time for drunk fornication, the time of fornication in public doing and enjoying art, because what else is there. Get another one and on and on. Porno opera would be so successful, tickets flying and prices getting affordable. No getting rich in porn. Checking abilities and stuff. Cameras!

Some torture, pencil on paper, 2015-

Cheap as fuck aesthetics when you have all the money in the world. One critique of WAP. This goes to all the very rich people with very little understanding of what is art or maybe WAP is art, but bad art. When does child’s play end?/Summer of love.

When you understand the world as expensive equals good and that it is your playground and power, you clearly do not have limits and you need to prove this over and over again, how you are free and money frees you. When you are part of a group who is and has been oppressed, your brothers and sisters are and were, you feel you have to contribute. Being small is not an option in today’s world. Sure, it is important to be political and stay on the side of the weak as Cardi B. openly supports and discusses with Joe Biden. Female empowerment through sex is popular nowadays understood in a way that causes eye-brows frown and raises questions of who gets empowered by this and what is happening really. It is the right message in a way, but is it healthy what is happening and what we see daily and concerns body parts, massive focus on certain body parts of women. That is how one gets noticed by body parts and how body is in control and your mind controls it. You can have small waist and fat in right places, do this. It is so easy looking and so hard to attain and maintain, it gets our attention and our constant need to achieve. You can call it self-expression, because it is you, you choose.

To talk about female empowerment via sex and in sex is important, but where does the limit go and what is this empowerment about? How much are women controlled when it comes to sex and slut stigma having been there to scare and segregate women into good and bad, how good do women feel when they are behaving promiscuously using men for pleasure, making money and having nonstop fun? Is it to forget and live in-a-moment-thing, when there are no responsibilities and it is difficult to find a good-paying job? It is fun short-lived mostly and work is no fun often. What do ultra-rich people think and execute via arts and them taking part in art one way or another, what does it do exactly? They do their part in society by spreading their influence with money and contacts? They look good when they do this and are artists themselves? Kylie Jenner has been sculpted quite a bit. Their pleasure is to be seen and watched as they go and do what they must, self-made is an interesting concept here, when almost nothing is. As one is free to do whatever one wants, because one is free and able and has got a body with huge and showing equaling good (small in the right places), massive is the best and meaningful, because it is seen, wanted, desired and comprehensive is how much you have got in repeat: you don’t cook and clean, but you got a ring by some other fancy and easy way and you enjoyed it. Only pain is sexual and they say they go far with it. So, where are the limits?

The result of this charade is cheap-looking, worn-out imagery of wildlife signifying passion and lust. Animals chosen are tigers and snakes biting, dangerous and endangered, but rappers are comfortable with them as they live dangerously. Females are like wildlife, unpredictable, untameable and beautiful, for pleasure and are there to be used, although they themselves give impression they are in control, they use this male fantasy for their benefit, well, for them it has worked out well. Kitsch nevertheless, as are the statues of female body parts inside the house of whores that do look factory-made and provide liquid, mouths open.

Gates open in the beginning of the video and there are two female sculptures with their legs spread open and these sculptures function as parts of a fountain. You should have shown their vaginas, you speak of pussy. Why the image of vagina is censored? Fucking is great, it is so fantastic, that constant penetration seems to be the only thing left to do. Fucking is lucrative, only thing in mind nowadays and sexy being the ultimate constant woman can be, penetration happening into something soft called the brain. Content being thin, big asses and thick thighs are the filling like weapons, one-sided somehow sensual parts of a body and seen a million times, focus is on the size and shape and acrobatics, how much cellulite there is or can be, she is cushy like a sofa, like furniture. It is their right and pleasure to objectify themselves. Seeking as much attention as possible is today’s niche, it is ass, everyone has got one. Say pussy, the p-word, be on your fours wearing thongs telling us what you like. It is child’s play.

Getting pussy licked seven days a week, how many times a day? Doing gestures with fingers at Willy Wonka factory, who is your target audience, who is your daddy? What Cardi B with Megan Thee Stallion music video WAP has achieved is still something worth our while, because excess of and access to porn and sexual imagery online is easily available and mostly free, young men do it for drunk young girls. Where is my lotion reaction videos by African American men to WAP was my next step to this experience in rap music of 2020. Wanting to be choked by penis, a certified freak seven days a week does poetry. Defence in papers is saying black people can and must be able to enjoy their bodies. I wonder who is stopping them? Is this a movement of black female rappers? Big is good, sex is always good to talk about and constantly available for everybody online and the message of news papers is, there can’t be no criticism of this? Music videos are watched by tens of millions of people, they must be critiqued and their values questioned.

Sex is not scarce, when you have got money, in the real world. When you focus on enjoying your body to the fullest and demand you have the right to enjoy your body to the fullest in plain view and be paid for it, it is a declaration and celebration of prostitution, what is your other meaning exactly (feminist) and whose enjoyment do you speak of but your own and why your own pleasure merely is important? What gives us pleasure today and why we must have it instantly? Is the purpose of sexual content in music other than be appalled by or fill up an open mouth with cream? Bragging is celebration? To be watched and listened to, voicing your personal ‘feminist’ goddess existence and sexual power, which clearly money brings, which is all so good and unique, is empowering who other, your producer? What is feminist in full on porn lyrics and visuals that are so simple, used and dull that whores in any house could have come up with them? Despite all the riches and the ring you have got by not cleaning and cooking, what is the influence of porn in music that is consumed massively and shown on YouTube without much censoring? I am so swamped by images of asses and tits, filled up by images of bodies of women and girls filling the internet with content that is a male fantasy, I have wondered the lack of attention here and there, immediate censoring of fine art like in the video. It is a void out there where this all sinks in and remains, girls are getting drunk and being fucked, their images can be found online, then what?