Flesh market, market of flesh after something

Ok, first my personal experience of growing up to be self-evidently a woman was that womanhood is a kind of fullness and dirtiness of sexuality in men’s world for men, not for herself, nor that the world would be for me or her, that female body is at every response and dimension laughable and for someone else to hold and look at. What makes that of me, made me and what did it make me think of me and of the world? Femininity makes people grin, idea of feminine woman is that she is after something, something that she cannot have without having her assets pushed in front. To see female breasts and other parts of female body brings a strange immediate chain of thoughts and again a repetition of grand sexism with laughter. It is without exception the case the ridicule of what a girl is about to be, the ridicule of what she might want, want to be and why she wants, what would she might want. Because of my body parts there cannot be a brain worth mentioning was the only thought and has been somehow a solid statement despite whatever I did, the issue by what I am defined by others, it would not change nor go away no matter what I did. No evidence would change the woman in me, who is half the man doomed to be jailed and diminished because she is a curse and a menace. Incapable.
As I think of this it is a pretty powerful image of womanhood exactly because the reverse upside down image I have been forced into, because of the black and white in which one is either good or bad man or woman. She is so powerful and mighty that she is feared and has to be harnessed and silenced since she was a little girl. What she might be is already as a thought too much to take.
“Whenever black women own their sense of sexuality and it appears to not be controlled by the hetero-male gaze, the whole world gets into a tizzy,”Feministing writer Mychal Denzel Smith wrote. He continued, “If black women aren’t allowed to own their sexuality, then who does it belong to?”
“In the pursuit of some elusive, undefined web ideal, women’s mental and physical safety is (and always has been) an afterthought.”

Rites attracting the male attention? Not entirely true.

Big ass movement women standing on their hands legs spread face against the wall, all attention on the large wobbling butts. Acrobatics of asses. It is for me the most outrageous dance move at the moment which of course first caught my attention on music videos of many artists. It repeats, it raises attention and stir. The same reaction of wtf I get of a woman clinging on a fence again legs apart as she is wobbling herself. I don’t know if it is ancient times meeting the future or just pure suburban rage of colored women. They are the ones inventing dance at the moment as ever and they have got the sexiest bodies with figures to show. It is a mind-blowing act, space invading total awareness of one’s sexuality and building it in public. The whole woman is a vulva. Complete stating of self-confidence, claiming of self, expressing creatively without authority by grabbing the obstacles like steel fences, walls and poles (penises to rub against) and take over a sexist state of mind making sexism belong to the target of oppression. This I understand as control. Controlling what kind of pleasure is given, who has the most pleasure and fun is the one who has new tricks. Who owns this body you are watching, why are you watching, I like that you are watching, what do you dare to do fucking pussy.
It is a dazzling moment of I don’t know what to think of this invasion of bodies, but I don’t wish it to go away. It is a kind of street-wise dance revolution. It is purely decadent, pornographic and filthy, willingly. That is where the money is, in stripping, porn, prostitution, music business etc. Was it the first issue of butt dance when women were rubbing their asses against male crotches especially in r&b- and rap-music videos, which I found extremely sexist scenes. Maybe not, phenomenons repeat. Big body parts used as they are looked at to be looked at more without any shame. Dancers imitating sex on dance floor as if we were going back in time when the main reason for dancing was to attract and find a partner to breed, when there was no shame in having sex and liking it.
Ok, I’m a fan.