Descent into hell. Icon. Second half of the 14th century. Collection of the State Russian Museum

Descent into hell. Icon. Second half of the 14th century. Collection of the State Russian Museum 

Divine Harmony, there was a dark hair in between the first pages of the booklet. Lucernarium psalms and stikhirad (verses)
O mild Light, mercy of Peace, praise
troparion (something repeated) short hymn 

polyphonic we
drink coffee out of vases,
hang ourselves to trees and ceilings
no time to get gloomy though.
Week of the Blindman with clay in his eyes
I think he was telling me the truth on Easter Monday. 

Couple of lines from a movie Big Bullet written down for fun: My name is Bird. My name is Bird. My name is Bird. 

Don’t stare at me. Please. My name is Apple. Forget Fiona.
My name is Jeff. Anything else?
My name is Tongues of fire?
Maybe, You want blood on your hands? Why would I want that? 

Kun tulen vanhaksi

Kun tulen vanhaksi

Kun tulen vanhaksi, kun tulen hulluksi, kun tulen uudeksi, kun tulen joksikin muuksi kuin
mitä nyt olen, mietin nyt, mitä se voisi olla.

Suuren talon ikkunat pestään pyhän lammen pyhällä vedellä, pyhällä hiekalla, pyhistä pyhin puhtaus tulee näkyväksi, pyhä lääke, komentaja on puhtaus. Miltä se tuoksuu?

Sisaret kävelevät kapeita tunneleita pehmeäpohjaisilla kengillä. Heidän hiuksensa lakaisevat lattiat. Heidän värittömät pitkät vapaat hiuksensa, jotka ovat saaneet kasvaa. Pelastuskoteloiden kuiva tuoksu on levinnyt kaikkialle tähän taloon, ne vievät järjen,
lepokodin kerrosten imperiaalinen porfyyria, vanha ihmeellinen mineraali, sekin niin vanha.

Juomapisteet soivat posetiivimusiikkia, automaattisesti ne välillä suihkuttavat vettä. Metrin välein on halogeenimaiseen raikkauden puutteeseen asetettu vaaleanpunaisia auringonlaskumaalauksia. Kuvattuna on hidas muutos, kun aurinko laskee.

Hiekkatien varrella paksujen koivujen varret jakavat siemensadetta vastaanottavaan maahan. Tiheään ilmassa pyörivät kääpiöt, jotka takertuvat mihin tahansa, saadakseen elää. Multaan, hiekkaan, supikoiran turkkiin, ilmassa lentävään seinään, jossa on suorakulmainen reikä. 

Tänään on hohtavan talon asujaimisto tullut ulos retkelle. Ovat eläneet vanhoiksi, pelottavat vanhukset. Aikaa on, tärisevät miehet etenevät ruoholla.

Puutarhassa istuvat mies ja nainen, jotka ovat vielä yhtä rakastuneita kuin silloin, kun ensi kerran tapasivat. He ovat tosissaan toisissaan hellästi kiinni. Ilma on niin raikas, viilenivät ihanat tuulet. Sinä kyyhkyni, et viilene koskaan.

Nobody will destroy our culture? Can you say it in Finnish? I do hope it is true, I just don’t know exactly what it means as our culture is Western, it is also Scandinavian, European, Christianity-based and Finnish and I am writing this in English.

Finland has, as do other countries have, a diverse culture of its own, which is unique, and to protect our country, we are in the process of figuring out what must be protected and how. We are under constant threat is the atmosphere, independence being one, language and nature do get too easily ruined and lost. We have been losing some of our uniqueness in the process of consumerism and globalism having taken place and gaining power and we do not respect our knowhow and abilities as much as we should. Indifference is one factor, monoculture of media being one, all wanting the same success and material goods? It is a baffling process when work is being shifted abroad, goods flow here from abroad usually from China and it is expensive to produce anything in Finland. Imitation seems to be the easiest and quickest way to make money. That is the current culture we like. Question is how do we compete and what do we have to lose other than the things mentioned above? We can lose the welfare state, if we are not careful and cannot employ people in this country and pay taxes. Lose our culture meaning the Western culture as a whole by invasion of Muslims? It is not dystopia of the future but happening all the time. Many think we have freedom of religion, but Islam is not for freedom and does not respect our beliefs and customs. We are under threat as a society is on the news, it is clear and what to do is not that obvious, but have we caused it ourselves? What can be done about the current situation which is getting out of hand? What does destruction of a culture look like and how naivety is helping in this destruction? How our Western culture is being destroyed? We have helped those in need haven’t we? It should be enough for evidence of our goodness and will to do good.

We are pretty good at it ourselves, but maybe we do not recognise it, our culture crash from within. One or many culture crashes coming from outside, drama at the moment is dense and drama of the moment means Muslims immigrating at large numbers to countries where there is Christian majority population and customs and freedom. Freedom to criticise, speak, think, dress, work, study and live, freedom also to have faith without it bothering anyone and freedom to not have religion, which Muslims do not have. Muslim immigration which has become visible via crime and welfare costs is a big worry and topic of which the left is peculiarly quiet about. Rioting in Sweden Malmö is not new as Sweden has been generous by taking in people from all over who need help. Large antipathy movement in Finland against immigration especially from the Muslim countries has been strong several years and polarisation happens fast. Worry is acute and true since such riots have not been part of Scandinavian cultures before the large scale immigration during recent decades. Emerging unrest which arises when someone burns the Quran, so unexpectedly ( would not happen in the case of burning the Bible), so what should we be thinking about Muslims, the continuous immigration and refugee crisis, since it hits Scandinavia just the way sceptics and critics have been warning many years, unexpected and unfortunate?

Camps are clear. Muslims are defended largely and loudly by the left and opposition is the right, some like to say far-right, very roughly put. Are you telling me that Islam is on the left? Critique is obviously only offensive and harmful. This is the dichotomy, constant argument and very much the conversation online in social media. I myself am against the unstoppable flow of immigrants and refugees who burden the welfare system of our country without enriching or contributing to our country, but doing the opposite. Thanks to Sweden and its aid, immigrants are burning suburbs or was it Danish who burned the Quran? Muslims sure know how to react…It speaks volumes, as do unemployment rates and no-go-zones. Secular countries as Scandinavian ones strangely respect Islam very highly and criticising Islam is not so tolerated by the left camp, which is comical, one must laugh out loud. What is going on in the left? I do not know what to think about this lot, proletariat? Maybe minarets are what is wanted in Finnish suburbs too. Alarmingly English speaking employees, who do not speak Finnish, serve us in cafeterias and bars. It is not our official language and to my mind all are required to learn our language who live and work in Finland. I hope immigrants learn other things than riding a bike. Respect must be mutual. We work hard and I hope you do too. Burning cars is not helpful. It is a bad message and ungrateful as fuck.

Some torture/Ladies like it sniff sniff

Ladies like it sniff sniff

Spreading scent of perfume odor sprinkled too much to feel someone passing foul smells of fat of loathing of leather of floating of an aftershave of milk of sleeping in a world of smells in your nose and the living stench. Fragrance that brings instant feeling of power on your face for you, habitus in your hands on your body and around you all day, while splashing odor you can hear screaming women and children, aroma of blood sweat tears spit piss leather nails and steel hitting bodies. You rule you kill you smell.

Natural body

In a Swedish movie I am Curious Yellow (1967) by Vilgot Sjöman in one scene two girls sit on the floor. They are making a memo of how to make a revolution. One says: Social democracy: Is a guilty conscience. Thinking continues: Means to do revolution: demonstrations, hunger strike, sit-ins, refusal to pay taxes, sabotage, economical and social boycott, paralyze the whole society, general strike, DIY, a workout with princess Birgitta, well.

What would natural be for us but birth, intercourse, other bodily functions, illnesses, secretions, smells, animals and our linkage to them, instincts, gut feelings, getting old, earth, dirt, water, air, fear and dying. There are those sides to the unlikeable, inconvenient and bestially awkward things in the decaying natural. For the modern human natural is something avoidable and scary, unknown even, but sellable and beautiful at the same time. Much of these naturalist functions we dislike and feel disgusted by that belong to our existence and decaying, have been and are veiled as ugly and perverse intimate and shameful. To preserve our dignity, to avoid the strangeness of falling apart and smelling to other people, to protect the modern face of eternal-like youth, respectability, status and strength, we keep quiet, keep it together and perfume ourselves. To avoid the shame of being and looking weak, from letting the inside be seen, control it may be called, us the control freaks not showing anything wrong in the picture? To let us forget or remember how much part of the nature we are, have been and will become since we are conceived, have been born and are going to die and have been wealthy for so little time and our life expectancy is far longer than ever before. We don’t want to touch the slime, shit, dirt, garbage, death or smell for a good reason, we fear those things, not to speak wiping someone’s behind as it is to say one is a humble and small servant. It is a distant and frightening picture of the future (servitude and living with little is not a wanted path), kept distant, unfamiliar, untouchable, it happens to someone else now, but not me, we wish to be kings and queens posing. Cruel and inevitable, but unrealistic, unbelievable is the fact of our insignificance. Realism being unrealistic is the new normal. For those who think they have not lived enough or the right way, there are questionnaires of what will you probably regret of not having done before you die. Eternity and preserving the illusion of entailing piece of godly-like superiority, staying healthy and how to do it, how is the best way, who looks best and longest and most glamorously. We still do, despite all the Gallup polls carried out, compare each other and our possessions, which pile up even tough many say it is meaningless, it is how and why our economy works or doesn’t work. Is looking good more of a thing for the wealthy, as it seems the poor are gaining weight and looks have become a tool of getting a job, being noticed in a good way. Competition happens on the surface of things, swipe left.

According to Lacan sexual difference does not place any specific feature onto ‘true’ biological polarity, but states clear symbolic antagonism. Maybe I understand it wrong or not at all, meaning that our sexes, our anatomy and biology do not tell or dictate our qualities, but we like to dictate them? Relevant point of view in terms of equality plainly put, but is it true? We are not equal in terms of our capabilities, our bodies and sexes are very different to each other, what comes to opportunities hopefully equality happens. It is the forced juxtaposition that brings in the crucial problematics socially and culturally, sexism enhanced, female body having a more visible and painful connection to the natural. One seems always remain in the class-society, one seen as equal to from where one is, what one does as work, where one comes from can be like a stain, women as the inferior sex, femininity as something stupid and weak, as are children. It’s a bloody act stating our belonging to nature and living in a modern society with very natural instincts, stating our dependency on each other and need to put down the competitor. What is proven to be true, human weakness or the constant violence of our nature and the inevitability of large number of people losing miserably? rid ourselves of all our shame when we talk to the analyst.” ” Lacan’s assertion, La femme n’existe pas – ‘Woman does not exist’,”

Famous faces/Gossip page/Facial

Famous faces

Famous faces, puppies or kittens? Flats or heels? On or off? I want you to be completely honest, we are here to connect. No problem of turning your life a reality show, no surprise there. Another baby on the way. Let’s talk about your married life. She is poisonous. She is an emotional wreck right now. She has hormones making her laugh hysterically and cry the next minute. His heart is awesome, he has a really big heart.

Gossip page

Did you hear the gossip? What was the gossip about and of whom? What did that person do and how did you hear about it? Why is the thing gossip and why is it talked about? Is it a private matter of someone, that got revealed and is now getting out of proportion? How does that make you feel and how do you feel when you talk about the issue? How do you think it is any concern of yours? What is the truth value in this and what the value of telling this story forward to anybody? What kind of world do you think gossip makes and what kind of humanity it reveals?

Did you hear the gossip? Who did you hear it from? How did this person come across this information and what did he/she think of it? Did he/she think of it as absolute truth or something to trash somebody with?

Llhortense ImMossibil/Running out of air. Where are the birds?

Llhortense ImMossibil 

The result is that the subconscious is lost (little girl rationally recognizes her fate). ROSE. 

You do surprise me and guilt is a place. Blame in your shoes. It has started, it will never stop. Ya.
How do you do it? This chaos, this 

You have travelled much, how come your world is so small? But it isn’t, you just don’t see me. I drove and drove.
Anthill, misty mountain, chill, coffee, gas station, me clothed in layers excavating like something that was. 

What about me? Nothing. Powder and make­up. Of some kind. That tower of mine, lit like a snowy tree by one intense led light, ad or something.

Protrude bulge
outward balloon bulge protrude protrudes. bulge?