Curvy Bell, face on the screen. It is playboy perfect. Why do you seek it, what is the perfect part? I have got this burning desire. There are strange qualifications for perfection.

Self, 1998

Go fly.

Measurements for success in largeness, interviews, visibility, figures, counted as how much and more. Nothing is enough is the ultimate neo-liberalist will to be alive, call it living and kill and that to be seen as strength. Lust for Speeding, search for novelty and winnings is dictated by corporal quarterly financial needs followed closely by the press, reported to all whatever that means other than winning or losing, are better days over and for who. Only massive growth is good enough.  As fashion is circulating through winter, spring, summer and fall collections and are tightly followed by the most of us. What to wear, where and with what, how to look good, the best you. Such and such accessories as phones go nicely along with the burning picture of the burning world which is far away and on screens for us to feel bad and sorry.

To set the world on fire, world that already is burning. World is existing in flames, in heat, burn and destruction. What is a burning world a metaphor for or do we need it anymore to ring the alarm smelling the smoke? Human energy, evilness, rush of blood, adrenaline, I’m not sure, it means different things for different people, different contexts, excitement, fever, lust, indifference, fear but it isn’t you, who is in danger. Safety is an interesting place nowadays.