Banana revolution

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A spheroid, or ellipsoid of revolution, is a quadric surface obtained by rotating an ellipse about one of its principal axes; in other words, an ellipsoid with two equal semi-diameters. A spheroid has circular symmetry.

If the ellipse is rotated about its major axis, the result is a prolate (elongated) spheroid, shaped like an American football or rugby ball. If the ellipse is rotated about its minor axis, the result is an oblate (flattened) spheroid, shaped like a lentil. If the generating ellipse is a circle, the result is a sphere. from wikipedia

Emotions in making revolution. Why do we cry?

1.Fury and rage

Frantic is a good word to use in context of revolution. To believe in possibility of change to the extent of no alternatives than to find something better and revolution becomes a religion. Religion is emotional institution, faith in the unseen. To breath revolution. It is a beat and intoxicating. Faith is there to heal and take the pain away as a possibility of good and something good is on its way. A raging emotional desire to act on behalf of oneself and others. Faith sounding maybe a bit weird on any scene of revolution. Revolution somehow is seen as anti-religious and very possibly falsely so. It is a very religious movement as an institution of itself and as a monument, and it is important to know who and what to worship. And maybe decide that worshiping is out-of-order altogether.