Alex learned to apologize.


Intellect is a perfect topic and field of research. We are haunted by idea of intellect and having it, at least looking like we have it. All there is in the brain has not been learned, not by scientist and not by non-scientists but we like to refer to intellect often and we seem to have knowledge of what is clever and what is not. There are so many smart objects within our reach making our lives something else than just ordinary normal life. Life becomes smarter via machines as they are the intellect and something more we need, somehow. There is always the thought of better, better than, owning it, the smarter than and it is a machine. Something new is smarter than what I had before, this new thing has new kinds of abilities.

The assumed intellect or lack of is often a reason to make judgments of someone, call names and give a sentence or approval. Similar kinds of thoughts fit together well. It is a strange world where intellect is pretty hastily judged, a characteristics that defines one completely. Something that is hugely more complex than our shallow world likes to admit. How and what we come to value as clever can be one root to the problem of what we see as intelligent, what kinds of results are seen as intelligent and useful. Usefulness of ideas, plenty of ideas, capability to manage and deal with demanding problems, create innovate practical unseen ways to live, make working solving solutions to dilemmas that burden the whole of society (if there was not vanity and greed): is intellect in the continuous making or making just as much as is needed and not more? I have a deep feeling intellect is lost.


Alex and Me: A Scientist and A Parrot Discover A World of Animal Intelligence