When we aim to attract what do we do? We manipulate and change our appearance.

Question is a multilevel one. It is to ask what is attractive, how do we define attractive and what do we make of it. Value of looking like perfection is high. How do we make ourselves attractive, more and more attractive? What attracts us and why? Why should one attract when it is almost all there is to a person? It is an asset to gain something and currency, it is of course a matter of survival. What are motives to attract other than that, to feel good about yourself, yes and making things happen. Is it a give and take situation, a very simple one where my looks tells the other what I am for, what I want and who I am? How does attraction change along the years? What kind of people are attracted to each other? What is the attraction, a lure there? What is there to get, is it all good or something to be careful for? Is attraction the interesting part of us, does it make an interesting person, yes doesn’t it and in what way, the one who is attractive and the one who gets attracted to?

Interesting part is the what is there for me. I do this and this to match an ideal to please the eye and mind which is accepting or rejecting. Attraction is a calculation and a play. We deem ugly or beautiful within seconds, all kinds of reactions come forward. We know what we like and usually reasons to like someone’s appearance are very straightforwardly sexual. This is seen normal and something we are pushed to think, not profoundly but on surface. To question this in any way is odd. In an era of images we make judgments based on looks very hastily still even though we know it is an image, 2-dimensional picture, an illusion, maybe there is only one dimension. Where the interest lies is merely the physical attraction which to us is highly important and via which we move on in the world. All revolves around it, looks and sex and what we see, how we evaluate the seen and what does it mean what we just saw.

To modify and manipulate our appearance we can make ourselves more attractive more alluring and more interesting to be more popular and successful. To evaluate value of success which comes via looks one can say: should I be interested? What happens when you do the opposite and do not pay attention to your looks? And what does physical attraction mean when it is the most important measure of one’s worth?

What you don’t want a blowjob anymore? Oh dear, how unfortunate.