One in a billion. Is it the girls running? Girls running with all that money. It is Genitalia Marathon.

What do celebrities who now get the most coverage in media have to say? What is their message? Do you know and is it something worth while thinking about? What is the message of celebrity culture as a whole? Attitude and fierceness to be bold looking good? Is there a one message as it quickly gazed might seem? Influence is massive. Who runs the world? Girls who want their behinds bigger via plastic surgery? Financial winnings made within the culture of entertainment for the artists and their creators can be whopping. Their power is measured in magazines by calculation of how much. Industry flourishing out from movies, sports and music, fashion, magazines and other merchandise do well with right face, with right kind of exposure and bravery.

What is the real power here is an interesting thing to look through. Could the answer be as simple as who does best financially and what kind of message does that person have. What kind of story and continuity person’s career has had and will have. Future prospects and who is listening. The list of the most powerful celebrities by Forbes from this year 2014 introduces Beyoncé as the most powerful celebrity. Grounds for her number one spot lie on her 95 concerts, the released new album called Beyoncé, her fragrances Heat, Pulse and Rise, clothing collection, which all contributions have been financially very successful. Estimated 115 million in earnings during one year is according to Forbes an extremely powerful thing. Of course Forbes is a magazine focusing on finance, business life and entrepreneur insight. Also its specialty are lists of the successful people in different fields of expertise. Information for the world’s business leaders, for the world who to follow. Beyoncé defines herself as a business woman and through that image has a role of a strong independent woman who has had plenty of support to become one since childhood. Which is part of her feminist agenda, be in control and create.

Gender, sexual orientation nor racial issues do not show to be such a large stepping-stones within entertainment anymore. At least what comes to making entertainment for the masses. It has become an advantage to be able to address a group that once was seen as weak. There has been empowerment, they who need to be empowered. Idols do empower and encourage, so maybe they are worth all the money they make. That could be one point Forbes is making by its list. This is how one succeeds now. How does glamour luxury and beauty businesses benefit from all the bling accessory advertising music videos represent. It is a life style presenting with moves.

Feminism tends to ban open sexuality as an invitation to sexism and abuse.

Feminism, something that cannot be answered to with respect and which is blocked away because of its stigma for hating men and hated for its anger. As Beyoncé, a feminist, but loves her husband is a an example of the strange burden feminism falsely carries in one sentence. “Beyoncé also addressed criticism about calling her forthcoming tour The Mrs Carter Show – appropriating her married name from Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter. “I feel like Mrs. Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been,” she said. “I do believe in equality… But I’m happily married. I love my husband.” Read more at

It is clear since the beginning of her career independence and strength of femininity have been core issues in her music. But that is the case for many successful female artists. Focus on showing their capability as women and encouraging others. What comes to celebrities Beyoncé is the one of the few who publicly state and promote feminism and calls herself a feminist. In her videos and music she is openly sexual, feminine and posing her assets to the world as any pop star provocatively. In this way looking she is very similar to for example Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj who all are artists and music personalities creating their image, some more and some less. Though of their image and art it is difficult to tell who is making who and does it matter what we actually know about the making of a pop star. I think we should be aware. Level and mastering of manipulation is all what being a celebrity is about. Feminism in this landscape is a curse, a word usually banned and feared. Image of a feminist is opposite to gorgeous and sexy stars. How often feminists are said to be ugly. It is like the worst thing, hideous female who does not attract anyone, but is full of hate and grudge. Ignorance and prejudice is huge upon those who seek justice. Women are not allowed to be angry for being harassed, hated, killed, diminished, put down and treated as second class citizens.
Sexual expression, what is it exactly? Where does the limit go if there is any? And why is it empowerment and not sexism? Empowerment through sexism is a strange thought. It is getting gifts via pleasing the right way. Entertainment is the ultimate pleaser. To please to get the wanted thing and impact. Pop singers and performers like to state that they are in control. It is interesting to explore that control which they refer as theirs, rules that they see as settings of theirs.
Much of what we can take and understand must be lined inside ideals. Outside are left the things unwanted.

bell hooks Called Beyoncé an Anti-Feminist Terrorist

After having watched several of her videos the experience was numbing.

If she was a boy.
To analyze music videos of this day, what kind of purpose they serve is clear and at the same time culture of music videos hold an irritating simplicity of necessity. I have been studying Beyoncé’s musical artistry and thinking how should I study them, her pieces of art. What to make out of this block other than what has been said before. Videos which do not represent originality nor does her style travel far from mainstream, but they are recognizable and style of hers is particular. That little bit pops out, but only a little bit popping out. She has her dance moves which label her and make her mark. She has her dancers as do many pop singers. They follow her in the back. Something old and something of her own, but not alone. Most she is familiar via her body which is well in front, in the middle. In focus are her curves. They seem to be the main subject and at core of femininity. Her body is praised and it is seen as emancipation and empowerment of womanhood to walk the way she walks. Self-consciously walking straight ahead. Movement is her weapon. A modern woman moves and is active. Her self-assurance is the one feature which makes her noticed and admired among women. She works in a field where women do not have curves other than plastic breasts and in fashion where lank body is a norm.
Yes she has things to say and she says them in music industry’s factory ways. Most powerful videos of hers are those where her sexual expression is not the main issue. Empowerment is a curious conscious choice. To empower oneself from being inferior one needs to build self-esteem and imagine a path for oneself on which one can stand and walk on with certain pride. Take that path without hesitation, it is yours, one’s own way. Which choice everyone must make on their own, which is empowerment via growth, knowledge of self via growing up.

Are music videos about growing up and growing with. Very little is emphasized on mental and emotional growth, which is ironical since the most music made deals with feelings and people’s emotional life.

How the Bey issue is addressed and how feminism is discussed. Do you think her power is in her thighs, is it in her voice, her beauty, her gender, her African-American heritage and in her dance.

Both through song and visuals, we see Beyoncé toasting up all sorts of caviar dreams and champagne wishes, including the following:”

Marketing plus PR equal success. Story solutions, coverage and narrative of divas and making the world a better place for themselves. Times of moral crisis: Explicit contents, sexuality for sale and how it adds up with feminism. What does feminism represent for a pop star and for the music industry?