Arrested woman, 2020/ Intrinsic value, a term in ethics.

Pencil on paper, 2020

Intrinsic value, a term in ethics

It is absolute certainty the valuable existing in us and among us, undoubtedly undeniable worth and purpose, or are we without purpose? One can think it is immeasurable, uncountable. It is still not necessary for humans to acknowledge worth or measure worth to survive? So, to say art has absolute value, a mathematical term, intrinsic value is there because of the process and the idea of making a visible thought mark by human hand. What is it that is valuable in art? Its mere existence, it is made by someone, it is a message of what? We have to think about it, what it means. To understand value is to grow value something, what we most value is humans? And how we become to value something is through necessity, guidance and skill, making and endurance and what we get. Our needs bring value, our constant needs, unstoppable. Need to stay alive is also a destructive one?

Cheap as fuck aesthetics when you have all the money in the world. One critique of WAP. This goes to all the very rich people with very little understanding of what is art or maybe WAP is art, but bad art. When does child’s play end?/Summer of love.

When you understand the world as expensive equals good and that it is your playground and power, you clearly do not have limits and you need to prove this over and over again, how you are free and money frees you. When you are part of a group who is and has been oppressed, your brothers and sisters are and were, you feel you have to contribute. Being small is not an option in today’s world. Sure, it is important to be political and stay on the side of the weak as Cardi B. openly supports and discusses with Joe Biden. Female empowerment through sex is popular nowadays understood in a way that causes eye-brows frown and raises questions of who gets empowered by this and what is happening really. It is the right message in a way, but is it healthy what is happening and what we see daily and concerns body parts, massive focus on certain body parts of women. That is how one gets noticed by body parts and how body is in control and your mind controls it. You can have small waist and fat in right places, do this. It is so easy looking and so hard to attain and maintain, it gets our attention and our constant need to achieve. You can call it self-expression, because it is you, you choose.

To talk about female empowerment via sex and in sex is important, but where does the limit go and what is this empowerment about? How much are women controlled when it comes to sex and slut stigma having been there to scare and segregate women into good and bad, how good do women feel when they are behaving promiscuously using men for pleasure, making money and having nonstop fun? Is it to forget and live in-a-moment-thing, when there are no responsibilities and it is difficult to find a good-paying job? It is fun short-lived mostly and work is no fun often. What do ultra-rich people think and execute via arts and them taking part in art one way or another, what does it do exactly? They do their part in society by spreading their influence with money and contacts? They look good when they do this and are artists themselves? Kylie Jenner has been sculpted quite a bit. Their pleasure is to be seen and watched as they go and do what they must, self-made is an interesting concept here, when almost nothing is. As one is free to do whatever one wants, because one is free and able and has got a body with huge and showing equaling good (small in the right places), massive is the best and meaningful, because it is seen, wanted, desired and comprehensive is how much you have got in repeat: you don’t cook and clean, but you got a ring by some other fancy and easy way and you enjoyed it. Only pain is sexual and they say they go far with it. So, where are the limits?

The result of this charade is cheap-looking, worn-out imagery of wildlife signifying passion and lust. Animals chosen are tigers and snakes biting, dangerous and endangered, but rappers are comfortable with them as they live dangerously. Females are like wildlife, unpredictable, untameable and beautiful, for pleasure and are there to be used, although they themselves give impression they are in control, they use this male fantasy for their benefit, well, for them it has worked out well. Kitsch nevertheless, as are the statues of female body parts inside the house of whores that do look factory-made and provide liquid, mouths open.

Gates open in the beginning of the video and there are two female sculptures with their legs spread open and these sculptures function as parts of a fountain. You should have shown their vaginas, you speak of pussy. Why the image of vagina is censored? Fucking is great, it is so fantastic, that constant penetration seems to be the only thing left to do. Fucking is lucrative, only thing in mind nowadays and sexy being the ultimate constant woman can be, penetration happening into something soft called the brain. Content being thin, big asses and thick thighs are the filling like weapons, one-sided somehow sensual parts of a body and seen a million times, focus is on the size and shape and acrobatics, how much cellulite there is or can be, she is cushy like a sofa, like furniture. It is their right and pleasure to objectify themselves. Seeking as much attention as possible is today’s niche, it is ass, everyone has got one. Say pussy, the p-word, be on your fours wearing thongs telling us what you like. It is child’s play.

Getting pussy licked seven days a week, how many times a day? Doing gestures with fingers at Willy Wonka factory, who is your target audience, who is your daddy? What Cardi B with Megan Thee Stallion music video WAP has achieved is still something worth our while, because excess of and access to porn and sexual imagery online is easily available and mostly free, young men do it for drunk young girls. Where is my lotion reaction videos by African American men to WAP was my next step to this experience in rap music of 2020. Wanting to be choked by penis, a certified freak seven days a week does poetry. Defence in papers is saying black people can and must be able to enjoy their bodies. I wonder who is stopping them? Is this a movement of black female rappers? Big is good, sex is always good to talk about and constantly available for everybody online and the message of news papers is, there can’t be no criticism of this? Music videos are watched by tens of millions of people, they must be critiqued and their values questioned.

Sex is not scarce, when you have got money, in the real world. When you focus on enjoying your body to the fullest and demand you have the right to enjoy your body to the fullest in plain view and be paid for it, it is a declaration and celebration of prostitution, what is your other meaning exactly (feminist) and whose enjoyment do you speak of but your own and why your own pleasure merely is important? What gives us pleasure today and why we must have it instantly? Is the purpose of sexual content in music other than be appalled by or fill up an open mouth with cream? Bragging is celebration? To be watched and listened to, voicing your personal ‘feminist’ goddess existence and sexual power, which clearly money brings, which is all so good and unique, is empowering who other, your producer? What is feminist in full on porn lyrics and visuals that are so simple, used and dull that whores in any house could have come up with them? Despite all the riches and the ring you have got by not cleaning and cooking, what is the influence of porn in music that is consumed massively and shown on YouTube without much censoring? I am so swamped by images of asses and tits, filled up by images of bodies of women and girls filling the internet with content that is a male fantasy, I have wondered the lack of attention here and there, immediate censoring of fine art like in the video. It is a void out there where this all sinks in and remains, girls are getting drunk and being fucked, their images can be found online, then what?

Katsoin ovisilmästä kun humalainen mies pitkähkön tovin katsoi kumarassa nimeäni ovessa keskellä yötä.

Parempaa kuin elokuva, jota olin juuri katsomassa: joku räplää oveni lukkoa. Avaan oven ja siellä on humalainen mies. Kysyin, mitä helvettiä sä teet? Ajattelin, että tilanne on ohi, kun suljin oven, vaan ei. Mies seisoo käytävällä ja laskee rahojaan, menee hissiin, menee jonnekin ja tulee hetken päästä takaisin, pyörii edestakaisin, kävelee edestakaisin, seisoo hämmentyneenä hissin edessä, menee hissiin, menee jonnekin, tulee takaisin, kävelee kerroksessani, huokailee, laskee rahojaan, tulee ovelleni, katsoo kauan nimeä siinä, ei koske oveen, katsoo naapurin ovea, huojuu. Menee hitaasti hissille ja avaa oven. Ehkä teon hitaus, takaisin tuleminen, toisto, ajankohta ja yksinkertaisuus teki siitä kiinnostavan ja että voin tarkkailla ovisilmästä, mitä yksi ihminen tekee pienessä tilassa, jonne on eksynyt.

As there is a clear trend to photograph one’s body wearing very little, the rising outrage is against the nude in art, but not in social media that much, where soft porn is a normalcy and a way to sell oneself. Is everyday soft porn prostitution?

What is appropriate art, what should art be like and who is to decide? Who is the critic and what is the quality of criticism are to be questioned, as when all opinions must be voiced and are, who are listened to and what is said? The nipple (that must be freed?), breasts (nowadays breast are very commonly out, except the nipple), vaginas, asses (that are out as well), penises, fat are common in fine art to see, but they do cause moral outrage especially in fine art, probably even more when photographed and when the artist does it herself of herself questioning the sexism in the arts especially. Museums and galleries are becoming more family friendly places to visit to lure visitors and in the process art shown must be family friendly too? What family friendliness in this context means, censoring, teaching and moralising? What does art teach, what is the visitor to learn from art or about art? What kind of place does pedagogy have in art and showing art and should it as for example Guggenheim proposed to be the case in Finland 2016, when it was selling its franchise product for us, to have pedagogical spaces for kids in a commercial museum? How pedagogical can a commercial museum be and what kind of pedagogy does the art world provide? Does the art world learn here or does it take the place of a supreme teacher? Pedagogy provided in cynicism, marketing, painting, becoming famous or what is beauty?

What does family friendliness mean in today’s world, in the art world, in art, in marketing and why be family friendly other than making a buck, just be ever so nice and listen to Jingle Bells? Does it mean more gift shops, snacks and pop-ups, fast-food, fast art, naivety, shopping, blocking unwanted influences and opinions and spending time kind of existing and creating of a place of culture, where one can become cultured, more commercial places for consumerism, where we can also sell ourselves? More is beautiful and more lucrative and more popular is good? Is there a trend to make art family friendly to consume as much as possible photographing oneself and be seen in and what is that art like there? Glittering, shining and ultra-positive? What does it mean to make art family friendly for art as a whole, for places of art and for the artist? Thinking, what is friendliness in this context? Artist should manipulate her art to not disturb and not create awkwardness as women should manipulate themselves to please the eye? Weird is scary and horror is not art? Is the artist family friendly as a profession? Hearing that there should be warning labels for fine art on websites and in places of art for not to scare children/adults and not cause trauma, offence, uncomfortable feelings is for me as an artist a flag and creates a pressure for need to appeal and gratify. I don’t make art to please, for pure enjoyment and entertainment. I do not include likings in what I do. It is as a thought against art to aim to please and collect like stamps. Wanting to create places of art as places of visual candy stores surely works as people like glitter and images of fantasy. If you want to be bored by art and not be provoked a thought, it is your choice, but don’t claim all art must be eye candy.

Question is what does a visitor want from places of art and is it important to pay attention to and to what extent? What is the visitor for the art establishment other than a consumer and what is art for the art establishment and for the visitor? People wish to be entertained, be surprised, be in the presence of greatness, fame, names, skill, be in awe, but all this in the good sense of leaving the place in some kind of having seen is something what tourists do. To be in wonderment of it all is what I hope. Do people want to be safe in places of art, safe from the visual that may attack them in some way? What is a visual attack in real life? Is that a threat as such and in what way? Pictures do hunt us and stay in our minds, what do they do and how do images impact our thinking and feelings is something we must be afraid of and alert?
There is a division there between places of art and the normal place of living and looking where art may be placed or not, usually not. We can avoid art totally, but should we? We may live without seeing and being in touch of art, which is part of the problem of why art exists more commercial and must be made in different ways and why art is seen as weird and hostile. Is art hostile and how, if so? And what is the hostile part? What is artist’s job in today’s world? Where is art?

Eteisvärinä/Missä on runous? Onko se Kenkä Cosmoksessa vai Tokmannilla?

Kohulehden yksityisbileet eksklusiivisesti vain nyt.
Salasuhde laulajaan ja yllätysero. 
Olen rahaton ja yksinäinen.
Varattuun mieheen rakastuminen.
Kuuma Suhde alkoi yllättäen, seuraamme tilannetta.
Äiti-lapsisuhde löytyi roskakorista.  Salakuvat
Näin pääset irti sokerikoukusta.

Koe eksoottinen Bali.
Myötätunto pitää terveenä. Näin laihdut liikkumalla.
Elämä ei loppunutkaan 25-vuotiaana. Näin teet herkulliset suklaayllätykset. Vasta nyt tunnen olevani täysin vapaa. Näin saimme solmumme. Vasta kun lapsi tuli, saimme solmumme auki. Kuinka kertoa solmuistamme vapautuneesti ja näyttää onnemme.

Vanhoissa on särmää. Pikavippikeisari, jonka bisnes tuottaa tulosta.
Kokeile kirjoitusterapiaa. Tee nämä liikkeet kun haluat tiukemman pepun.
Näin pääset irti arjesta.
Suoliston salaisuus. Ylös masennuksesta.
verenpaine ihottuma ryhtijumppa
Mikä saa miehen kyyneliin? Häpeä.
Toipuminen alistavasta liitosta vei kauan.
Arjen luottoasut. Minuutin pikameikki.
Upeat kodit: musta-valkoinen ja romanttinen, minimalistinen, ei näy ketään. punajuurisuklaakakku ja muut ihanat reseptit
Viljat: täysjyvää vai gluteenitonta?
epävakaa persoonallisuuus välilevyrappeuma kilpirauhassyöpä masennus dystonia

Hevonen opettaa. Kahdeksan sivua ristikoita, sudokuja ja tehtäviä.
Selkäkipuvaivoista eroon kotikonstein. Tunnista rytmisi ja nuku oikein.

Replica/Point of repetition, point of having what everybody else has, point of templates. When you copy someone continuously, do you think you are being great? You get the best of?

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