Most problems in the world are due to lack of knowledge, holding on to superstitions, prejudices, following too tightly on traditions, greed, ignorance, neglect and indifference. Understanding the circumstances, what can be done to them, what needs to be changed and what are individual tools, means, methods, gains and losses. To understand what one could do differently, to evaluate possibilities. What are my influences and how do I influence. Everyone is a role model, it matters what one does and says. Every action has a reaction.

How to make revolution in the world without killing anyone, in other words are arms and artillery necessary and to what extent? Is warfare primary cost for a nation to get built and on whose expense does this happen? There is a gigantic challenge and need to evolve peaceful. Involvement of people in making peace and understanding their part, which must go up and down on every social level and class. Ideal would be classless society. Scandinavian welfare model is more or less hopefully turning to that direction. What would that mean, what kind of progress makes society classless or is it just a utopia? It requires involvement of everyone to want that to happen. No one can think this or that is someone else’s problem. Biggest changing force on any level is money and who has it. Also what is the price of work and what is valuable work to do goes along with idea of class. What makes/gives value to working. Who makes the value and why? How is value made, how does money circulate and which part goes to public services. What kind of people use those services, what kind of reputation do public services have and how well can those services be reached. Who reaches for them, clings in them, is depended on them. The most ways we are divided are by possessions, wealth and what do we do in our lives. Family, education, gender, place of origin, habitus/habitude (bearing), ideas, thoughts, deeds, history and future plans. What kinds of plans one is able to make and achieve tells a lot about society one inhabits. 

Class and heritage which follow us are basically essential part of one’s identity, your roots and position to look from and at others and the environment. What is the perspective given (and taken)? How possibilities and advancing in life are seen in one’s class for you. What kind of mental atmosphere one’s class members make? What kind of place you are given and what kind of place you are able to take. How much effort one must see to pursue one’s dreams and individual plans. How much class and family dictates what you will become?