Then the question of affording something. When do we think about not having afford and why is that idea about lacking and inadequacy? Depending on need, is it a question of demand?

Lack of finance is the obvious reason, but still we get loans when we need to buy something more expensive than our resources allow us do and we think about buying something probably daily. Money is an addiction causing addictive behavior from which we cannot escape because our thinking and way of life is based on consuming, exchange of capital, possessions, debt, wealth, acts of selling and buying. When we begin to learn a new language the first things that are taught in foreign language are how one speaks in a situation of asking how much something costs, situations of exchange of money, to say please, thank you and of course the weather and where to travel. It would be strange and freeing if the first words one would learn in foreign language were to think about why we do what we do. My point being that without giving it much thought we teach people accept things without criticism without questioning and those who make books for schooling do not ever question the way things are done and so everything moves on as it ever has because those are the things we have to learn. What can we afford and how to ask for the price.

Thought of not visiting any shops may sound odd for people who are grown into a culture where shopping is basic way of expressing oneself, spending time and wealth or dreaming about wealth and objects wandering around malls. Shopping is to know that what one can afford maybe without thinking if one can afford. Act of shopping can produce pleasant feelings of purchasing, owning something new and exciting making the owner somehow better. When we cannot afford feelings of inadequacy easily creep in. Buying is giving a power feeling, person is somehow in power, in control of his or her life making experience of life to expand via things and usage of money, a pleasant situation. To have money and more one has it is giving the person a position from where the person can view on others and those who do not have the same. Opportunities may become more variable. If one sees the world made only via money what does it do to the idea of the making man who can and will, is rich in ideas and opportunities? Evaluation can begin. What is possible? What what is worth, how much a person is worth when that person has what she or he has. What is there to have?

Poverty is not a virtue. It is a fault, flaw, disgusting and making people sub-human, not worthy of addressing to, taken care of, provided for, listened to. In a world of money masters are those who have the most. Poverty is not a virtue anymore as it means person is not able to take part in the party of consumerism to be something. Without what are we?