Heart of a feminist likes to pour more gasoline into flames. Keep on roaring.

It is always thrilling when conversations about prostitution break loose, every year people like to speak their minds. Talk is constantly more or less active for or against and idea of legalizing prostitution brings more fuel into it. Spitting rage against the industry is clear and loud and I heart the rage, partly, partly I am tired of it. Study tells Swedish model does not function. Nothing functions 100%. There is always a flaw, always unhappy people, hurt people, dead ones, misery and filth. How to make people more content with their lives? It appears prostitution moves places and countries, ways of dealing and doing while laws change affecting the industry positively or negatively.
Mostly I am pro-legalization kind of feminist, so a bad one,,,but my concern are the women and men who do sell themselves. The filth, violence and dirt are there, women are selling their bodies for men to use. Do you think it, prostitution, will be removed as it is a disgusting phenomenon and degrading to women? Poverty and lack of prospects in life is degrading. Some do prostitution voluntarily and why shouldn’t they. Some like the work. Fine. Curious is why hate against prostitution seems to be more on the wall and out there than hate against the actual reasons why many women end up in the industry, reasons which are poverty, lack of education and sufficient welfare.
To make women feel safer? Dream on. Admitting that you are just disgusted by it is ok. I would like to know what is it you are disgusted by. The act of sex with strangers, market of living meat, mortal sin, whoring and pure evil of unrefined behavior, degrading abuse, exploitation of women etc. Yes I am disgusted by hypocrites. It is a world of porn and sex.