You use hateful terms of radical feminists, as far as I’m concerned, you are not feminist at all.

It is a constant need for different kinds of groups of people to aid their cause by dismissing feminists, western, white or radical feminist, who disagree, debate, bring up issues that are contradicting, unpleasant, annoying, wrongly thought for many who think they are absolutely correct and can freely call themselves whatever they want as it is a free world and feminists should just without questioning support all causes that are by default without contradictions and true. Feelings don’t make things true and binary is not what we should live by as it is an invention of patriarchy. And they do hate feminists, who do and say as they see best and right, because feminists dare to fight back and seek the truth. Those hating feminists, who are many, use hateful terms just as fluently as any antifeminist and misogynist has ever done. It is nothing new and because of that, and that I for example, can have freedom of speech and expression and speak out loud what I think about complex matters and disapprove oversimplifying of very complex issues, those who disagree with me can do so. I am one of those who don’t want to think in a way women are supposed to think and do what women are expected to do and be like. Support and compassion has been scarce for me throughout all my life. When I didn’t identify as a feminist and nothing has changed after I labelled myself. It makes me wonder, is it the title that really bothers or is it something else, and my bet is it is the something else. Woman is a threat, capable woman is an even bigger threat. This combat one faces as a woman, be it white and western, privileged, rich or poor, straight or lesbian, is an on going one and I refuse to think otherwise for many to feel better. It is true one becomes a feminist for very personal reasons and seeks justice through that ideology as do I. All one has to be is female to be treated as inferior and wrong from day one. It is really sad. There are the questions women and girls go through, what does a woman look like, should look like, be like, sound like and do, be strong but dismissive? How about submissive, that is nice. Look beautiful but agreeing and nice? I don’t find beauty in there.

It is a strange thought that you will be corrected, completed and healed when you’ll become a real woman, you construct yourself to fit in and look it in the eyes of others. You seek happiness via body and looks, and confidence: good luck with that one.

Anybody using hateful terms about radical feminists, just bc they disagree with you, I will gladly block u.

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Feminists, they don’t do enough for you? How unfortunate. It is of course fault of feminists that things aren’t nicely simple. I hear trans-activist dismissing radical feminists, you just are in a loop which is called binary. I suppose the trans prefix is there for a reason, don’t you think. Let it bleed.